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Thumbnail Art Request from snaws

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Request type:




1280 x 720 (Youtube Thumbnail)


Source image/render: 

No current image has captured this work of art. 


Text *(optional):

'Bottom Text' at the bottom and 'Top Text' at the top.


Color scheme *(optional):

Up to the artist



Im assuming this is where the details go. 


The drawing I'm wanting is one with a prison like shower in the background. (Make it super clear its a shower)

with a bunch of cartoon men wearing cowboy hats (if you can stylise the cartoon characters to replicate that of The Simpsons or another popular TV show that would be amazing)

I was also hoping that across the ASS area of the men, there would just be a Large Black Censor bar to make the image 'Safe for work'.


And then just adding the 'Bottom Text' and 'Top Text'. 



Additional information: 


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Unfortunately, the team will be denying this request as it is not safe for work. Please refrain from requesting anything of this nature ever again.

Director of Divisions and Physion Unturned Division Leader



xQc on GFL Surf 7/16/22



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