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Welcome to the Official GFL Rust 10x Standards/Requirements for our Application process! 

(!Further inspired by Frozen's first requirement message!)



We're looking for protectors of the realm whose sworn duty is to defend our users from all manner of potential unwanted Racism, toxic behavior and/or overall bad sports. No, but really we're just looking for active people who enjoy hanging out in the GFL Rust community and are willing to pitch in assistance in regards to administration! 🙃

We're a cool team with awesome people, nice perks and ... most importantly... a friendly and collaborative environment where everyone should feel welcome. You'll work with others to look into the future of the GFL Rust community and stop potential "issues" before they become a threat to the server. You must know that you'll be hearing opposing views and make tough judgements calls in intense situations. If all of this sounds perfect and very tolerative to you, then shoot us an application BUT make sure you reach our requirements.


Apply here if so: https://gflclan.com/forms/120-rust-modded-10x-chat-mod-application/

Please review the following guidelines and requirements before submitting your application, please.





1. We look for effort in applications! Anything shorter than a couple sentences for a paragraph-type question will not be considered.

2. Read through your application. Is there any mistakes? Is there any dishonest claims? We like to see dedication!

3. Do your best to elaborate on every statement you make. We want the biggest chance to get to know you ... so make sure to add a lot of juicy details!

4. Provide information that would make you stand out among other applications. We want to see the type of motivation that got you to apply in the first place!




1. We don't look for a specific age group, but we ask for you to be nothing but mature.

2. We want you to have a good reputation from you with our player-base. If you are the type of person that always has tendencies to release aggression or toxicity out on others... you aren't staff material for our servers so just skip yourself a step and don't apply.

3. Do the staff know you? Are you on good terms with all of them? Have you even met them before? If not, please throw yourself our way! We want to get to know you . This gives us more of an opportunity to see how you act us with or other people- we want the best chance to see everything about your current potential.




1. We require an absolute minimum of 150 hours of gameplay on our servers (which is about 7.3 days on our server) - we want you to have a solid relationship with our community.

2. The ability to adapt your community style to the different personalities you will come across when roaming around our community as a staff member.

3. We would really appreciate previous experience of moderating communities. If not, we require a spot on perfect reputation showing np toxicity at all.

4. We really need you to be committed- Are you willing to devote all the time, interest, dedication and motivation into us that may be needed?


If you have any questions about our  process, please reach out to @Bue. , @Angie, @Hatehim222. We also ask for you to not ask when we will decide on your application, that will just get it denied or increase the wait. Just know that we usually don't drag our feet on the applications. Account for perhaps a few days if not a couple




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