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TTT2 Tips: Evil Roles Tips

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This thread is dedicated to neutral roles that don't have enough 'depth' to be worth a full thread dedicated to themselves.



  • Similar to playing as a Traitor, it is usually a good idea to hide your identity for as long as possible. 
  • If the Traitors have a numeral advantage and are winning, it may be a good idea to reveal your identity and try to make a truce with the innocents to deal with the bigger threat.
  • Killing other Neutral Evil roles and Traitors is a good way to deflect suspicion. On the flipside, killing too many in a short period of time can have the opposite effect and make you look more suspicious.




Tips for Playing as Restless:

  • More so than other evil roles, the Restless is at its strongest when player counts are at their lowest, so it is recommended to try to pretend to be an inno as long as possible. Injured low health people will struggle with a Restless, and the damage reduction won't affect you as much.
  • Try to avoid having your Body Ided. Once you are ided, you will show up on the scoreboard as Restless, and it will be nearly impossible to give any kind of defense for yourself.
  • Pharaoh is a fantastic role to claim if you died once publicly but weren't Ided. It won't work after the first death, however.
  • Even with the Damage reduction upon dying and respawning, sniper rifle and deagle headshots will still kill in one hit, making them useful.


Tips for Playing against the Restless:

  • Iding the Restless's body renders them unable to hide their identity, and allows you to keep track on if they still have lives or not easily through the scoreboard.
  • It is a good idea to keep an eye on any nearby spawn points if you've recently killed the Restless, in case they end up spawning near you.
  • Converting the Restless into a Sidekick using the sidekick Deagle as a Jackal is a good option in a pinch, as this will essentially bypass dealing with the Restless's extra lives.
  • Finding out the Restless early if possible makes them much easier to deal with.




Tips For playing as Infected:

  • Unlike most Neutral evil roles, your power depends on killing people early and fast. You should be as aggressive as possible with getting kills to start building up your infected army.
  • Once you have a decent amount of Infected Zombies, it is best to hide out somewhere and let them do their damage. If you die, all of your Infected Zombies also perish.
  • It is best to not be seen near your Infected Zombies. This is an instant giveaway as to your identity if the infected aren't attacking you, outside of a Rare claim of being the Jester.
  • Your fists do a flat 50 damage, and bypass armor. Use this to your advantage to pick off players at low health quickly and silently, or to bypass players who've stacked a large amount of armor.
  • Generally, most other roles will stop focusing on each other to focus on your zombie horde if it grows large enough. Use this to your advantage to blend in among them if you've not been identified yet.
  • If people know there is an infected in the round, but not their identity, it can be a good idea to id one of your dead infected Zombies, hiding the body and claiming them as the original infected.
  • If you know there is a Priest in the round, Similar to a Jackal it might be a good idea to delay showing yourself until the Priest builds up a large brotherhood. Be careful of the Priest trying to shoot you, though. Infecting a Priest will instantly convert the brotherhood into zombies.


Tips for playing as an Infected Zombie:

  • If players are unaware you're dead, you won't show up on the scoreboard as infected. Use this to your advantage to lure people using voice chat or text chat to out of the way areas to attempt to sneakily kill them.
  • You should avoid rushing players through wide open areas as much as possible. They have the advantage of range and will usually gun you down before you get close to them.
  • Just like the main infected, anyone you kill will respawn as an Infected Zombie. However, they will only respawn if you're still alive during the revival period, so don't be afraid to hit and run a larger group of players.


Tips for Playing Against The Infected:

  • Prioritize finding the main infected. Once they are dead, the other zombies will also die.
  • In a fire fight with multiple Zombie Infected, stay as far away as possible. They have only 30 health and can only attack in melee.
  • If you spot an Infected Zombie killing someone, prioritize said zombie if possible. Their victim will not respawn if their killer dies before they're done reviving.
  • Keep an eye out for the distinctive Punching sound, this is an easy giveaway for knowing if there is an Infected in the round. Similarly, if you see someone pull out fists, they are the Infected and should be shot on sight.
  • Buying Armor is nearly useless against the Infected, and is not advised.
  • The Priest's Holy Deagle can 1 shot any infected they hit, including the Main Infected. This makes it particularly useful if the Priest can get a good shot. 
  • The Priest should instantly stop Brotherhooding players once an infected is confirmed to exist in the Round, as he is now a gigantic liability if he gets killed. The Priest should attempt to hide if he already has a sizable brotherhood.

Serial Killer:

Tips for Playing as the Serial Killer:

  • Unlike most other Evil roles, you don't have any kind of respawn ability, or ability to gain a teammate. As such, you should use the same mindset as being the lone surviving Traitor and pick your fights carefully.
  • Most of your equipment is incredibly powerful in specific situations depending on the map, and correct use of the equipment will make up for your number disadvantage.


Tips for Playing against the Serial Killer:

  • Most of the Serial killer's Shop will instantly reveal there is a Serial Killer in the round. Use this to your advantage.
  • If you spot an artillery cannon, it is best to drop whatever you are doing at the moment and prioritizing assaulting its position due to the sheer danger a well-placed cannon provides. 




Tips for Playing as the Marker:

  •   Claiming Jester if a Jester is in the round is an useful tactic for the short term as similar to the Jester, you cannot deal damage. However, they will likely to realize you're the Marker once you start Paintballing people.
  • Try to avoid taking Long-Range Engagements as the Marker. Your paintball gun is not Hitscan, and you'll likely get out gunned or take massive amounts of damage when attempting to Mark someone at a distance who is aware of your location and identity.
  • On the flipside, if people do not yet know who you are, taking long ranged shots is a good way to get some sneaky marks in with a lower chance of being spotted. 
  • The Paintball gun's high rate of fire and only needing one shot to connect means it excells in close quarter areas. Hiding out in a cramped area once you are discovered is a good idea to force people into an environment where you have the advantage.
  • People you've marked cannot damage you, but they can still attempt to shove you off of ledges. Stay as far away from Death Traps as possible.
  • Try not to kill people you've marked unless its absolutely necessary, such as being trapped in a small room and unable to move.
  • Your Defib revives people marked. This is incredibly useful if you're one away from your Quota, as it can be safer than trying to track down more players.
  • Alternatively, Reviving a dead evil role can help to cause chaos that can be to your advantage to slip away.
  • If an Amnesiac or Unknown has come back as a Marker and died, be sure to Defib them. You share a win quota, and additionally they'll be considered as Marked. 


Tips for Playing against the Marker:

  • If you see the Marker attempting to revive a body, pick it up and drag it away, or push them with the Crowbar. This will interrupt their revive attempt and waste their time. 
  • If you are marked, keep other players updated as to the Marker's current location, if possible. This makes it much easier to trakc down and kill the Marker before he gets his Quota.
  • Remember, even though you cannot deal damage to the Marker directly once marked, indirect means like shoving them off of Cliffs or some Traitor Traps will still work.
  • The Jackal's Sidekick Deagle will work on the Marker, even if the Jackal is marked. 
  • Engage the Marker at long range if possible, and with high powered weapons. The faster you can kill him before he can react, the better.
  • You can rule out anyone hit with a Paintball Marker as being the Marker, unless an Amnesiac or Unknown respawned as a Marker.



Tips for playing as the Amnesiac:

  • It is best to not attempt to kill someone to take their role except as a last ditch effort. If they were a Traitor and then you take their role, you've essentially hurt your own chances. Same for innocents.
  • The exception to the above tip is the Marker and the Restless. With the Restless, he'll still respawn, allowing you to team up as double Restless. In the case of the Marker, you can revive the original marker to achieve the same effect.
  • If attempting to claim an Evil Role, it is best to do it while hidden as much as possible. Don't be afraid to run off with the body to a secluded corner if possible.
  • If attempting to claim an Innocent Role, do the opposite and do it while in plain sight as much as possible, to quickly get yourself confirmed and Trusted.


Tips for Playing Against the Amnesiac:

  • Keep an eye on Evil Role bodies if you suspect there is an Amnesiac. Someone running off carrying a Serial Killer or Marker body should be considered highly suspicious, for example. 
  • If you confirm the Amnesiac's identity before they claim a role, force them to claim a role on your side as fast as possible. If not possible, its recommended to kill the Amnesiac for safety reasons.
  • The most dangerous combination of Roles is the Amnesiac with a Restless. They can double team and ruin your day. Do NOT let the Amnesiac claim a Restless body. 
  • If a player seems to be doing strangely low amounts of damage, they're likely an Amnesiac.


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