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CSS PropHunt Server

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Hi Everyone!


So I'm not big on announcements, but i do have a quick update. I decided to put together a CSS PropHunt/Hide&Seek server this week, its a pretty old game mode (like all in CSS) that has really been taken over by Garrys Mod. But hopefully there is still a few players out there that want to play PropHunt on CSS. Right now only the default maps are in rotation. Ill be adding some more this week as i get time, but if you have any suggestions on maps please make a post in the PropHunt forum and ill work on getting them added. Right now myself and @GhostWasTaken are the admins on it. Ill get a admin application created this week to for it if you are interested in applying.


If you have any questions you can reach me on discord!


Server IP:


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Y'know, I wish there were more people who would play it. Then I'd be convinced to play Counter Strike: Source

Stay squiggly, my friends.

[Former] Admin: GFL Prop Hunt

Regular: TTT Rotation

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