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Mojo_Radio's Surf Timer Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): Abstract

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:574648064


Admin that banned you: Dini

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): 30 Minute Silence and 60 Minute Silence


Why should you be unbanned?

We were just having a conversation at normal volume and someone called admin because I had him muted. To Dini coming it sounded like we were talking over people, but the people who were muted were previously mic spamming. I have 3 other people added from the conversation that can back me up on this.

I know not to mic spam and I'd never do that during a good conversation. I think Dini was just confused about what was going on and wouldn't change his mind even after multiple people in the server said "why did you mute abstract."

My 30 minutes of mute ran out and we started talking again about something different, once again at a normal volume and without getting angry, and I got silenced with no warning for 60 minutes, while the other people just kept talking about the same stuff.

No problem with getting muted if I'm being disruptive, but I just think Dini didn't know what was going on. All the peopel in chat besides those trying to yell or cuss were having a good time. I have over 5 of the people on my friends list just cause of the content of our discussion.

Thanks for your time!

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Posted  Edited by Dini

First let me start by saying, the 30minute mute was done by me as you were arguing for an hour (from other people claiming in the server) as well as the 5 minutes I was on for. The 60 min silence was not done by me, you can see this from sourcebans. Now I'll go ahead about my reply. 



Let me just say that just an hour before I joined you were already warned by an admin to stop arguing then you got muted for it. I join to find you are doing the same thing (with several people also complaining how much you were arguing). There were multiple people saying "he was arguing for an hour" right before you were muted which means you didn't even stop after your  5 minute mute was expired. When I got on the server nobody was mic spamming but you holding down your mic arguing with the other person and anyone else you didn't have muted.


The ones that you did talk over were trying to talk to people, if you want to mute everyone on the server and talk to one person then just do so via steam/discord. Others want to actually have conversations instead of just two people cluttering voice comms. The hour silence was giving by another admin on the surf team (which expires in like 15 minutes), you don't have to wait long.

Edited by Dini

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