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Well that’s 3 hours of my life I will never get back...


anyhow pretty mediocre this year. We got a billion generic zombie shooters, sekiro cowboy version, new Mass Effect after the last flop, and Ark 2 as well as Ark 2 the animated series. Only things that peaked my interest were Ark 2, basically left 4 dead 3, and sephiroph in smash.


as far as awards among us got two even though it was from 2018 and not 2020... okay. And Last of us 2 won far to many awards. I gotta say they did doom, animal crossing, and Ghost dirty with this one.


what did you all think?





No Elden ring :(

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55 minutes ago, Spartan-737 said:

The game awards are always like this so why do we keep watching them?


Because we wanted elden ring gameplay :(

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