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Haxray's "Special Evil" Role Suggestion Thread

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Yo. I know the chances of most of these being created is slim to none, as none of these exist on the workshop, but these ideas floated around in my head for a bit and I wanted to go and suggest them somewhere. Both of these roles would fall under a 'Special" evil role, much like the Marker or Jester. 


Faceless(Based on the Class from the Class subplugin):

Team: None

Role: Evil Special

The Faceless is not on anyone's team. They deal reduced damage to players, much like the Amnesiac or Unknown. They have a special knife they can use to "Swap" roles with someone. They will gain the role of the person they swapped with, and the person they swapped with will now become the new Faceless. This will be announced to everyone in much the same way as the Amnesiac claiming a role currently is(But not either player's identity). The person who became the new Faceless is unable to use the Swap Knife for 20-30 seconds after being swapped(time can always be adjusted), and are also immune to taking or dealing damage for 10 seconds. This is to avoid the new Faceless from simply getting instantly shot by the Old Faceless or others, and so the Old Faceless can't abuse this moment of invulnerability to do anything. A faceless cannot win without claiming a new role from someone.   
Added due to new Mimic Role


Cultist(Loosely inspired by the Space Station 13 Cultist):
Team: Cultist
Role: Evil Special

The Cultist is on their own unique team. Similar to the Marker, they have a different win condition from simply killing everyone. They spawn with a "Ritual Circle" item, similar to the Pharaoh's Ankh. They can place this down somewhere. They need to bring a certain amount of bodies(Depending on total amount of players, should likely be larger than Marker's max quota of 8 however) to the circle to win. Bodies brought to the circle vanish. For every 4 bodies placed in the Circle, the Cultist gains access to the Ritual Dagger, which allows them to convert another living player into a Cultist. Cultists cannot win by killing players(despite having the ability to do so), and can only win by reaching the required amount of bodies delivered to the Ritual Circle. The Ritual Circle is able to be destroyed like the Pharaoh's Ankh. Destroying the Circle instantly kills all living Cultists. 

Alternative: Instead of simply instant winning once reaching the required amount of bodies, the original Cultist instead transforms into a Demon Lord which would be incredibly strong, and are now capable of winning via only having Cultists left alive. This might be more fun than the instant win. 


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