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The Steam Points Shop

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If you all weren't aware already, there's a Steam Points Shop that can allow you to have avatar borders, gif backgrounds, regular backgrounds, etc. However, Steam just added a plethora of new items to the points shop that would stylize your profile to make it look stylish! Here's a quick rundown of the Steam Point Shop, what is offered, and what was just added. 

What is the Steam Points Shop?

The Steam Points Shop is a shop that uses Steam Points within Steam to buy various profile additions that can be seen here. You obtain currency, Steam Points, by spending money through Steam within the store by buying soundtracks, DLCs, hardware, in-game items, or even software. Every $1.00 you spend within the Steam Store translates to 100 points you can spend within the Steam Points Shop. Your current balance reflects all purchases made on your account since creation. In addition, if you gift others games, DLCs, soundtracks, etc, you receive points for that as well. Do not worry, the receiving party of your gift does not receive Steam Shop points from your gift, this includes instances where they refund the game or deny your gift. 

What does the shop offer?

The shop offers animated avatars, avatar borders, seasonal profiles, seasonal badges, chat effects, animated and still emotes/stickers, animated and still backgrounds, upgraded profile showcases, and avatar mini backgrounds. 

Seasonal profiles are animated, change based on holidays, cost 5,000 points, and only last 30 days. Seasonal profiles have an animated background, custom profile theme colors, animated avatar border, and animated avatar mini background. Past Holiday profiles include the Summer Steam Profile, Fall Profile, and Lunar New Year.

Upgraded profile showcases were recently implemented and add so many options for customizing your Steam profile. For example, want to have two custom info boxes? Now you can! However, all showcase upgrades cost a hefty 6,000 points. Want to have two artwork showcases? You can have that too!

How do I get profile showcases?

You must level up your profile to increase the amount of showcases you can put on your Steam Profile. Every 10 levels your Steam profile has, you gain a showcase spot within your profile. So if you are level 50, you can have 5 showcases on your profile. However, you can only have 1 of each showcase unless you upgrade through the Steam Points Shop. 

How do I level up my profile?

There's multiple ways to do so!

  • Available all year round: crafting badges from collecting Steam trading cards. Steam trading cards can be obtained through playing Steam games, buying them through the market place, or trading with other users within Steam. 
  • Available for a limited time: completing the Steam nomination awards, participating in Steam sales, and buying seasonal badges through the Steam Points Shop.


How do I know if a Steam event is going on?

If you want to check to see if sales or special events are occurring within Steam, just check the Steam Store. All Steam events are advertised through the store home page and state the start and ends of each event. 

How do I change my theme color for my profile?

You can change your theme color by going to your profile, clicking Edit Profile under Featured Badge and Level, and going to the Theme tab. 

I hope you all have fun with customizing your Steam profile! Please share your thoughts and opinions regarding the
Steam Points Shop. As well, feel free to share what you have done with your profile utilizing the Steam Points Shop!

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