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edgar's TTT Vanilla Mute/Ban Appeal

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Steam Name(s): edward

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:496714853


Admin that banned you: "DINK"

What kind of punishment was it (mute/gag, server ban): 1 week ban


Why should your punishment be revoked?

reason for my ban was because of "att /mass"

the situation that the admin banned me for was when there was mass body blocking on 67thway at the door where the ladder goes down to the tester, people were not allowing others to pass and there were like 4-5 people there being blocked/blocking so me being a detective this round I warned over voice chat that I was going to throw an incen so they can fuck off because they weren't moving and that's a pretty critical part of the map, I throw the incen and everyone scurries out of the way except one dude who dies but then two other people ran into the fire voluntarily and stood there to be burned to death

then the map changes and I am promptly banned

I don't think this should justify a ban at all because really all you could say I did was rdm one dude that died in the fire at the beginning which I would happily take a slay for because that could be considered rdm, but the two other people just voluntarily killed themselves in the fire. there was no malicious intent it was in fact the opposite, to advance the round from this minging. this entire thing could have been avoided if people just weren't bodyblocking

also not one single person reported me so I'm pretty sure they knew the situation better than the admin who banned me




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First of all you’ve got to warn atleast 2 times for people to move before you can harm them for blocking. These warns should have been in text chat, as the MOTD states. The grounds thus on throwing your incend was wrong, as it didn’t follow any of the procedures associated with bodyblocking/doorblocking. You hurt a lot of people and killed some who didn’t have the proper warnings to get out of the way, and were as such wrongfully harmed. The two who did burn, to death probably died due to bottleneck situations, but regardless if they did it on purpose I will say: you purposefully threw an incend into a crowd of people some whom were stuck, and physically incapable of leaving due to the bottleneck nature of that side of the map. You risked the life of those people stuck regardless of the fact.


I note that those people had no reasonable escape due to the bottleneck and their life was such at risk, and the fact that proper proctol as stated in MOTD to kill the bodyblocker was not followed regardless if 2 people willingly killed themselves. You should’ve really have had a month ban due to your previous 1 week ban. Consider the 1-week ban your reduction. Thanks for appealing.

Most sincerely,


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