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Ban Appeal Anarchy TTT

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Punished by:

Law i think

Reason for the punishment:

Target rdm

Why should your punishment be revoked?


I was Target rdmed bye the person that reported me for it he was repeatedly rdming me on previous map rotation i killed him 3 times 2 without reason 1 with reason. He rdmed me and only got away with blaming me because the logs dissapeared but i have two witnesses that can tell you this is true. Gamehunter and gustaves. If anything i should get two warns not a week ban. I mean i dont wanna be banned on my birthday man


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Ok, from what I know he only rdmed you once and this caused you to kill him more 2 times. Since I only have proof of 2 rdms and you don't have a huge history of rdms I will just reduce your ban to a day since you were still killing the guy.



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