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Add minigame Pack 1 and 2

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Currently, we only have minigame pack 3 on the server. Randy has gotten a mostly postitive reception, but due to several minigames needing to be disabled for various reasons, the current pool of potential outcomes is incredibly small, and this causes issues where some incredibly high impact minigames are more common than they should be.

To give an example, here's the list of all minigames from Pack 3, and the crossed out ones are disabled:

 - Amnesiac: 
- Anti-Karma: 
- Bouncy: 
- Lights Out!:
- Sweepstakes Giveaway: 
- Spider-Terrorists!: 
- Grayscale: 
- Groundhog Day: 
- There are ghosts around: 
- Trouble in Ye Olde Terrorist Towne: 
- Trouble in Terrorist Town: 
- Prop Hunt-ishj: 
- Crime Reporter:
- Third Person: 
- Took Too Much: 
- Troll Prop:
- Unknowns:
- Temporal Flux: 
- Karmic Wrath:


Ideally, adding minigame pack 2 and 1 would add more minigames to the pool. Ideally both, but Minigame Pack 2 has way more while Minigame pack 1 only adds 2 minigames(and one of them would likely need to be disabled).


For reference, these are the minigames from pack 1 and 2 that would need to be disabled if added:

-Bubblehead Minigame: Just headshots make damage, but players' heads are scaled up. Would almost certainly bug out with some models

-- Death comes...: Deals damage to a random player (or everyone) at a set interval Randomly dying is not fun
- Random Player Explosions!: At a set interval, a random player (excluding Detectives) explodes. Randomly dying is not fun

- Speeeeeed!: Increases the timescale of the game. This increases movement speed, firerate, reload time, etc.  Would almost certainly cause massive amounts of lag similar to Temporal Flux

- Jesters! : There's one detective, one traitor, and everyone else is a jester. requires [TTT2] Jester [ROLE]Ruins Randy's round, entire actual special round kinda sucks


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