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Burriss SM appilication

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Posted  Edited by Burriss75

I feel I would be an excellent candidate for the anarchy shitpost manager. If you want an example of an excellent reason to promote me to SM you won't find one.





Sponsors: Dog and Aurora but don't ask them if they actually sponsor me (Lachaine liked this so also count that as a sponsor)

Edited by Burriss75

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14 hours ago, Dragoon said:

Unfortunately, you have been DENIEDYou don't have a Profile Picture of an Anime or Video Game character, which is required.

I do actually have an anime girl pfp you just haven't looked hard enough

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6 hours ago, Beaker said:




I am the true SM, my anime pfp is from Deathnote and the character is named Near! I am also the best shitposter there is!

This is actually incorrect as I am beaker

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