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Colby Jay

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Posted  Edited by scorpima

Why we need new models:


Our current VIP Models are... interesting.


We have:

- Cat: No comment.
- Creeper: Super sexy, but not very tactical to use.

- Darth Vader: This is a good model.

- Dr. Doofenshmirtz: He's kinda huge.
- Gardevoir: Not the best pokemon. Not even top 10.

- Gru: Super sexy as FUCK.

- Hank: White Man™

- Kermit: Super nice, has some defib issues (or at least it did before).

- Kim Jong Un: Sexy.

- Mordacai: Huge head.

- Squidward: I hate spongebob

- Thanos: Probably the most based model here.

Edit: All of these SEXY models, have iffy hit boxes and are easier to hit.



I am here to suggest models that are:
1. cool
2. not insane hitboxes

3. not offensive


1. Charple on Vacation


He's basically a charred corpse with clothes. Very cool.




2. Ryuk


God of Death. Anime.


image.png.e3144aba313d3dd237cce91e18dd60ab.png(definitely high quality)






That;s about it.

Post suggestions below!

Edited by scorpima

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38 minutes ago, Cpt.Haxray said:

The simple fact Block Chell was used on Breach due to not having head hitboxes, same as the normal Chell, is a big gigantic red flag. 

I didn't look at this models for hitboxes. Also, chell is used in TTT all the time so idk

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6. Super Hot


Normally a red model, but he’s colorful in this image.  


7. Assassin


people like female models. Blurry due to it being a model screenshot. 


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