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mastoid's General Mute/Ban Appeal

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Which platform(s) are you appealing?: global ban

Discord/TS3 username (Add your tag and ID if possible):

STEAM_0:0:70590266 / mastoid#8106


Why were you banned?: I honestly have no idea why I was banned as it was 7 years ago. Probably hacking/greifing to some extent.


Why should you be unbanned?

7 years is enough time for a young teenager to become an adult, literally. I don't really cheat or grief in video games anymore, I'm just trying to hop back on the css bhop server.

If yall could remove my ban so I don't have to use an alt to login to the bhop server that would be cool. Thanks in advance.


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22 hours ago, HB53 said:

@Alexis He was banned from GMOD TTT for hacking and mass RDM. It's up to you guys if he gets unbanned. 

I'll keep the post here unless you want to move it back over to GMOD.



I should note that while the ban is originally from gmod, I have no actual intentions on playing on the gmod ttt server/servers. I have not touched gmod in at least 3 years and don't plan on touching it again. I'm only making the appeal because the gmod ban blocks me from playing css bhop on that account.

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