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So I think it would be a very cool idea to have a page where you can see your stats

It would show you every role thats currently enabled and show you how many times you've been that role, won as that role, etc.

With the inno team, it'll also show how kills you've gotten, not in total, only the kills toward the teams/roles that aren't inno, same with traitors but the opposite.

With neutral teams (kill wise) it would depend on the role, if its a role like mimic then it wouldn't show any kills but for example if you mimicked into a traitor or any role it would count kills for the role you mimicked.

Certain roles like pirates wouldn't be able to have a win stat unless they win with the team that they are contracted with. But to be honest you can decide what you want to do for the neutrals stat wise.

If possible it would also be nice to check it somehow on the server instead of going on a website, etc. And it would nice to be able to look at other peoples stats.

I don't know if it is possible, but in general I think it's a cool idea and would benefit everyone, I'm sure everyone can agree with me

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This would be great, but this requires a lot of custom code, pref from a dev as i lack the ability to actually program per say, i mostly just know how to bootleg a lot of fixes together (Wow shocking admission manager can't code).


I'll keep this here for now and try to look into it. 

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