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Well. Hello there. I checked this server out after my last one went down in a blaze of not-quite-glory. I decided I'll play every now and then. I'm not good at these. I'll mainly be on the Gmod ZS server.



Anyway, I have an issue where my game is crashing about 6-7 minutes after joining. This has happened several times in a row. I've placed some hl2 dumps if they're of any use. 





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Hey dere~!
Welcome to GFLClan community. I'm Bae/Derpy and if you have any problems, please let me know. I will help you the best I can. Hello Omen. As for helping with your crashes,I don't recall how I fixed mines, so I apologize if I'm no help. And as for playing only one server, that's also fine. No worries, if you really want to play another server, that's up to you. But I would like if you could try out our new DR (Deathrun) server. The IP:!


credits to @Clavers

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