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Well, given Danni's resignation and with not much energy left in the vessel, I figure it's time I hang up one of my hats, and so I will be resigning from staff on TTT Vanilla. I of course will still be around very much so and still staffing for Rotation, but given the timeline of events that occurred, I've seen both the server and staff struggle to get out of the glorious shadow of Waylon's success in the early days, and efforts falling flat. I don't think I can ever truly diagnose why, but I mean hey, sometimes servers hit their strides and sometimes they don't. But as a majority of the staff have resigned since, as well as the lack of appeals and reports to do, or any advising for server growth in that matter, I figure it's time for me to let go of what I can describe as a bit of a "mid-Rot crisis". Me watching the server grow up could only be compared to that of an uncle watching a child learning how to live. Many fond moments where I can recall, albeit I was a bit of quiet one whilst here, but boy oh boy are those memories still fond with me to this day. Vanilla holds a special place in my heart and I really appreciate the hospitality it provided to me as a second home when Rotation was going through the Modded era of low population. 


Now I want to do a shoutout to a lot of the folks that helped me make memories here, even though I'll probably still see many of them around either in the Discord or on Rotation, but I feel that it's important I leave this behind as a memory:

@Waylon Smithers Without a doubt, thank you for being the best Server Manager. Literally the GOAT, and without a doubt your presence and aspirations carried Vanilla forward. Now I'm your boss, bitch! But honestly, I appreciate the advocacy of wanting me to be on your staff for a long while, even when I made my joke application. Love you Daddy Smithers.

@Yogpod Literal prodigy and well accomplished. I hope you kick ass in whatever the fuck you're doing Yogurt, cause you can work some magic. I know it can be tough trying to push forward the server when it does have dry spells, but I think it's important that you also help put in some stuff that you want, rather than waiting for your partner SM or any other person to ask for it. A server is like a relationship: it works out if both people involved (SMs) put the time into it. I know admins could push for stuff as well, but I mean sometimes it takes someone in a leadership role to do some leadership things too, y'know? Hopefully you'll pull through and I wish for Vanilla to stay popping still.

@Misery Oh boy, what a journey. Like I stated in your resignation, we've known each other for so long from our days on Rotation and us finally being able to staff together. The way you ran as Senior is what I've always aspired to do, practically pulling off a one-man show on the whole lot and you'd even forget Waylon was in charge! Thanks for sponsoring me when I finally took the time to apply, and for being the best. Much love Les Mis.

@olliemas Extremely funny, charming, and very well thought out. It really means a lot that I was first in your mind for becoming Senior after Misery left, even though I had only spent about 2 weeks as staff when you did. Keep pubbing bro and hope you're doing alright. Just remember not to be racist and based!

@Nocapp I know you cannot read this, but you were always one of the best people to talk to. Probably one of the people I got to chat the most with and you're always extremely chill and also very good at the game haha. Hope you're doing well with your GF, and keep rocking in man.

@CobalshMcGee By far one of the funniest MFers I've met here. Stay classy as always Coballs, and let's keep making more stupid jokes and shit like soy sauce economics. 

@Slacquer We never really talked separately too much but you've always been extremely chill and kind, as well as funny. Pretty much our sole representative for females on Vanilla! 

@DuckLuxy Crypto scalping NFT bozo. Always wanting Waylon's help for chem homework, but honestly one of the first people I met here and a blast to talk to chill. Hope you're grinding out the money and getting rich pal. And hopefully I saved your class grade or whatever with that survey.

@Plaid Daddy You've got a heart Plad and it was always nice for you to check in on me at times. Practically you were more like the server's clown versus golden boi hahaha. Hope you're getting better, and to still see you around. 

@DoctorMoon My Korean soldier boy. I'm glad I finally got the chance to admin with you one way or another, and definitely a fun person to be around and to chat with. Practically my first admin student in a way, haha! Stay safe man, and I wish you well.

@Copium Queen Oh Danni, I guess in a way your resignation and mine following it is kind of fitting that it matches Waylon and Misery's resignation respectively. Great to watch you grow and care for the server, and to spread your love to other servers you found to enjoy like Anarchy. Crazy to think that it's been a long way since I told you to include your other "2 ___ __________" names on your admin application.

@Cuddlecakes It's honestly kind of funny that we've hung out a lot more as of lately rather than on Vanilla itself. I know you're mostly pumping out those Dream OST videos for the views, but keep on uploading some quality content. The world is vast with many moments, but sometimes it takes people like us to capture those moments. 

@.xand3r Go pro my little Valorant king, and take the Korean esports scene by storm! Nice getting to know you and all, and I know you still have a little bit love left for the server, so I wish you luck in your pursuit. 

@Jeebus Jeebspear may be gone for now, but his simping and loving personality may rest in our hearts. 

@professeurkitsune Hopefully you're out there somewhere enjoying life, but even when I knew you could have heated gamer moments at times, you always had a good heart. And maybe a bit of struggle staffing as well, but hey it's a learning process. Keep safe out there man. 

As for the rest of the Vanilla Staff, I sorry I missed the chance to get to know you guys well, and I know many of you guys are gone. But thank you for taking the chance to apply and for making Vanilla staffing one of my favorite experiences ever. It was always so nice and chill, and honestly a lack of drama was relieving to worry about. Probably helps that the staff truly felt like players too. 

And most importantly, thank you to all of the Vanilla players. I know some of you have moved on to other servers and what not *whilst I'm trying to close the door on Rotation to hide the players that moved there*, but you're personalities and fun attitudes albeit very chaotic allowed me to experience something unique that only comes when you get back into TTT or joining a server for the first time. I'll love you lots getting to know and fighting you guys, and I hope to still see some of you around!


And so I guess that comes back full circle again. What does this mean about me? Well like I said earlier, I'll pretty much still be around on Rotation like normal, keeping my role there to terrorize you players!!! and to help keep carrying for it. I guess it's just giving up one role properly so that I can express my dedication in a way. Ultimately nothing changes in the end, but I wanted to make this because Vanilla was a time in my GFL life that I can't forget, but I feel it's appropriate to part ways as I've done my job here. And I want to thank everyone for contributing to it in the many ways that they did. I wish the best for the server in hoping it stays a float, and thanks TTT Vanilla for the fun times. Peace be with it.




(Now that you've gotten a taste of what a resignation of mine would look like, dear god would I be scared of my actual one from Rotation! Crossing my fingers that it isn't anytime soon, and until then folks, I'll still see you around.)

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ayo what the fuck i aint a simp

what the fuck are you looking at? I don't do GFL anymore besides the discord

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