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Sr3alex's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:

Anathema device

Reason for the punishment:

Saying the n word in the mic

Why should your punishment be revoked?

So I’ve been muted for a year now and it was because I said the n word. At first I didn’t really care but now that I just started playing again it’s getting annoying that I can’t talk because then I can’t say who is a traitor or just talk in game. It’s way faster to just talk instead of having to type in chat. I know what I said is not good and I know I deserved to be muted. But what I ask is to be unmuted. I haven’t been saying the n word because I know I will be muted or banned. I truly apologize for what I said a year ago and I hope you can ungag me. Thank you.

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Just now, Anathema Device said:

As I'm looking into this, there isn't a permanent gag on this steam id, is there another account it could be under?


Like Sr3alex or something?

Wait there isnt a perma gag?

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Due to current behavior and with this in mind you've been given permanent comms blocks, due to reaching and pushing the typical limit, so this appeal is denied, you may re-appeal within a couple of months and good behavior.

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