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GFL Newsletter - January/February 2022

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This is the GFL Newsletter for January and February of 2022. I couldn't get a proper list for Promotions and Demotions this time due to some new changes in how I have to take them now, but I've already started compiling the list for March and April. Please look forward to that.


For each newsletter, we have one Easter Egg hidden somewhere. If you find it on a future newsletter, please be sure to message @Dragoon (Dragoon#5140) or @Salad (Salad#6564) to claim a free prize! For this newsletter, @Doubles was the one to find the Easter Egg and has received a free Month of VIP as the prize!

- @Dragoon

A while ago, @Salad chose to resign after a long tenure of being the GFX Team Leader in order to focus on duties as the new Director of Divisions, although he'll be remaining here on PR for the time being. In his place, @Clavers was chosen to be the new lead. Though Salad won’t officially be gone from the team, Clavers will be taking charge of it. If you’ve given them some applause already, then give some more applause and thanks for the work that they’ve both done up to this point!

- @AMP

Following shortly after the departure of Salad as GFX Team Leader were multiple other role changes within the GFL Team–particularly to the Directorate. Firstly, though the GFL Systems Administrator role was not changing hands, @Aurora had resigned as Director of Technology; leadership responsibilities for Technical Administrators did not dissolve, however. 


Atop this, GFL’s Council had decided to revive the Executive Director position within their governing body. @Infra, the glorious, magnificent visionary leader of GFL himself, has filled this position; however, the Director of Divisions role became vacant as a result of this change. To rectify this, Salad was elected as the new Director.


Of course, with the shuffling-around of Salad to new roles, the Staff Council Member seat he’d occupied had opened up as well. After some consideration, @Bendy had ultimately been chosen as the one to succeed Salad in the SCM position.


For one final time, let’s thank these four for what they have done for GFL and congratulate them on their new positions!


- @Dragoon

When it comes to CS:GO, Surf's had a lot of recent expansions. For starters, a new server for 24/7 Utopia was opened up some time ago. However, a small difference is that some of the maps will rotate and change slightly in variety every hour. The IP for this server is 

Additionally, two more servers recently got opened up. These servers are both for the top-ranked Surf players as well as the donators to freely access whenever they please. The first one, only for the Top 250 players and donators, has the IP of The second, for the Top 100 players and donators, has the IP of

As the IP's are above, you should be able to check these servers out as long as you hold the proper clearance. Either way, be sure to relish the new servers and to have have a good time playing on them.

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