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Automatic Forum Group Fixes

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Nice update!  Time for me to start adding wrong roles to people on accident 🙂 who wants VIP as main jk jk jk


Not on the forums but was trying to script something at work and wanted to add a little display message... it got stuck in a loop and ruined my day 😞 can definitely relate to that last part with the very useful 60k logs lol


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To give an update, roughly one month later: I haven't received any reports of forum donor, banned or duplicate group issues. In addition to this, I've noticed no bugs and there have been about 60 automatic fixes so far. Feels pretty good!


Here's a little snippet of the last few logs created by the application:


...I just uploaded a new version of the application - it has more consistent and helpful logging messages than this, I promise. 😉


I'm gonna call this a success! If I ever add anything to this application I'll post it on this topic, but this is more of a temporary solution to a greater issue, so it will likely not be touched again. Onto tackling the greater issue! Check in with me in 2025 for an update on that.

Contact me here or on Discord @Liloz01#9857

For help with anything Forum related: 

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