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CS:GO Minigames MOTD

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CSGO Minigames MOTD

Welcome to GFL's CS:GO Minigames









General Rules

  • Admin word is FINAL.
  • Do not impersonate other players (particularly an admin).
  • Don’t spam Mic, Chat, The Commands !r or !rtv
  • No hacking- This includes the use of hyper-wheels, auto-jumps, bhop scripts, or VAC bannable hacks. (This Will Result In an extended to Permanent Ban).
  • Ghosting won’t be tolerated (While Dead Don’t Give Out Information you couldn't possibly know before your death).
  • Listen to the Admins. (Admins are the supreme overlords *Authority  in the server , if you have a legitimate problem with one of the admins, Fill Out a Report >>Here<< ).
  • No advertising.
  • Delaying the round won’t be tolerated (Play the Objective of the map to a extent, don’t make the rounds drag out).
  • Don't mess up the flow of course maps. (Exploiting a glitch to break course maps, making it uncompletable).
  • When all else fails see bullet 1 and 4.




Map Specific Rules


  • If DodgeBall is picked stay within the arena ( it delays the round way longer than need be )



  • On Admin Request There Can Be a In the moment 1v1 Rule placed Down if you go against this rule you can be slayed only if CLEARLY stated by a admin

~Any Multigame Map

  • A admin can call a "Break From a certain game" 

i.e. Break from Obstacle Course on LegoSpace for 3 Rounds 


(Admins should only call this if there is a significant drop in population caused by this)




Commands ( If there is a arrow^ next to a Command that means its active on course maps only)

  • !r ~ Revives On Course Maps ^
  • !wr ~ Opens record Menu ^
  • !style ~ Opens Style Menu ^
  • !rtv ~ typing this into chat means you want to start a vote to change the map.
  • Nominate ~ You type this out into chat to put a map into the mapvote caused by rtv.
  • !store ~ This opens a menu to the store which is accessible to members of GFL! :D



Help Out?
The staff of the CS:GO minigames server are hoping for your feedback on maps,plugins,and suggestions.
If you would like to put in a suggestion click  


As the forums have been reset, these links do not work and some topics haven't been re-created yet. Thanks for your patience.


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