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JNutty's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:


Reason for the punishment:

RDM Troll Group

Why should your punishment be revoked?


I literally don't understand why we were banned. We joined the server, none of us shot a single bullet, and we were perma banned for mass rdming? I am legit so confused. The is the first time I've launched gmod in like 3 years, all we wanted to do was play TTT. I tried adding him to ask him why but he denied the request.

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"All we wanted to do was play TTT".


I will admit, you did not RDM and i put that as a default response when I should have clarified more.


Your group joins as 'friends' all at once. Two members of your group start actively mocking/insulting other users, and spamming fun commands to fill up chat as much as they can to annoy people. This is behavior that 90% of times leads to said group promptly going on a mass murder spree with intent to ruin everyone else's fun because "Haha funny".


This is backed up by your friend's first response to start whining bout his role and mocking it for even existing. 


I will remove the RDM ban and the ban in general, as I do not have evidence at this point in time, but i am well aware that i'll likely be re-adding this ban soon. 

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