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medievalmen's TTT Anarchy Mute/Ban Appeal

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Punished by:

No Hands Hand

Reason for the punishment:


Why should your punishment be revoked?



I was permanently muted for transphobia and I would like to make it clear I am not a transphobic person.


In this specific instance I was playing the game Trouble in Terrorist Town and I accidently misgendered someone by calling them a he in chat . They told me, while I was still alive in the game, they were a women and I apologized to her  after I was notified. I also said their username made more sense now because it was "a pretty name." Shortly after that I was killed in the game and entered into a chat where I overheard another player saying they hated me because I did not use the other person's pronouns. I made it clear I didn't know they identified as a women at the time, yet this player was still saying they hated me. Upon defending myself to this player in the dead-only chat I was told by a third person that the one who said she hated me identified as a woman. Following that I said okay and that "I don't agree with all aspects of transgender ideology but, I do respect people enough to call them by their preferred pronouns and I wouldn't make the mistake again". 


I thought it was over after that, but they got upset and left the server. At the same time the woman who I was initially talking to died and was upset by the fact I was talking about trans people without her ever saying she was trans. As a result, I reiterated what I said and how the conversation change to transgenderism in dead-chat as it was not about her. After that I stopped talking about the issue because I wasn't trying to be rude or discuss my opinion further, so I thought the matter was done. A few minutes later I was muted for transphobia on a new map after I thought the conversation was over.


At no point did I mean to be offensive or exclusive to anyone's gender identity, nor did I mean to invalid someone or get political. I was simply sharing my truth without getting into details or trying to start a fight.  I understand now how that could have come off wrong and not how I meant to express myself, but I don't think I deserved to be indefinitely punished for it. 


I am asking for this to be a warning, rather than a permanent chat ban for me please. I will not share my thoughts on the subject again, especially as I did not mean to be transphobic or hurt anyone's feelings. I have several friends in the LGBTQ community (including my brother) and I can understand how people can say something and be offensive without meaning too. Hurting someone was never my intent and even though I was hurt by someone saying they hate me, I did not mean to hurt them or their gender identity. 


Again please let this be a warning for me -  going forward I will make sure to not make insensitive comments on gender identity. I love playing on this server, and I hate no one for their choices. 


I hope you read this and know I am sincere and love people regardless of their gender. I just want to be able to talk to the other players again because it allows me to feel more included in the community.


I wish you all the best and hope we can move past this mistake on my part. 


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Posted  Edited by Anathema Device

Okay, I've done some deliberation, looked over our chatlogs, and talked with some people who were there. I personally was not there, but I can see the text chat log.

I do wanna clear up that even though a perm ban was mentioned, and in my mind that was not really in the cards. When it came to some recent events, there was SIGNIFICANT history that caused us to escalate to that, and I don't see you coming even close. I also wanna say that I really, really appreciate this appeal and it really helped me understand where you were coming from. 

I am getting the final word from Hax before I pull the trigger on anything, but I'm personally leaning towards accepting this appeal.

You've clearly demonstrated the things I would have asked from you. 

Ps: I'd never heard of Michael Folcuealt before I saw your message, read into his work a little and I think there's an interesting conversation to be had, just maybe not in the anarchy server in the heat of hurt feelings

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Posted  Edited by Cpt.Haxray



I've discussed it with staff internally. It seems this started with a mis-understanding. However, you have to understand that going "I respect your pronouns but i don't respect some elements of the transgender ideology" is an incredibly rude statement regardless of context. It makes it come off as you hate the person and cannot even put effort into showing the bare minimum of respect.


Regardless, we have decided to accept your appeal, and we will treat this gag as a warn. Please keep in mind that any future incidences of this will be met with another comms mute, and we will be less forgiving of a "It was a mistake!" appeal. 


Also for future reference, tossing in that bit about having LGTBQ+ Friends and Sibling doesn't actually help your point and gives same vibes as "Im not racist i have a black friend". It sounds like you're desperately reaching for Straws to find some kind of defense or justification. I do not think you meant to do that here as i do genuinely believe your appeal was a genuine one, but this is just a heads up. 

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