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williampickthall12's Discord Appeal

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Which Discords(s) are you appealing?: 



Discord username (Add your tag and ID if possible):

japjapboy kanker#1813


Why was action taken against you?: 

i cant really remember but i think i was talking shit to liloz and in general being a bit of a meanie to others in the community.


Why should the action be reversed or reduced?

i think i have had enough time to reflect on my terrible actions and i have changed for the better as a human and i think this time around i wont be mean to the big boys of the gfl community. please take your time in replying to this amazing post


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6 hours ago, Joshy said:

This one might take me some work to look into more because it looks like it was before time as a discord moderator.  The things I have found so far, though, do not look good.

man i ain't even remember what i did. i'm sorry and what do i gotta do to gain yours and the others trust back

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