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Defective Change

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This isn't a big deal or anything, defective isn't bad as it is, but I do think it would make the role a bit more enjoyable.


Defective is a bit too easy to figure out how it is right now. The majority of the server knows the number of players per detective and the ones that don't can hear all the ones that do screaming "DEFECTIVE ROUND". Right now, you have to go out guns blazing from the start to do anything as Defective (most of the time), and for a role based on the same gimmick of Spy but flipped, this is kind of lame.
Your T buddies, unfortunately, almost always end up hurting you when they inevitably kill the real detectives and expose you for being a fake.
It's also just really annoying sometimes to hear everyone screech "DEFECTIVE ROUND WE HAVE A DEFECTIVE DEFECTIVE ROUND".


I think Defective would be a lot more enjoyable if instead of adding a Detective, it took the place of a Detective. So if there was a Defective at 16 players, instead of looking like 3 Detectives with 1 being Defective, it would look like 2 Detectives, and you wouldn't be able to tell it was a Defective round.


This change would greatly add to the survivability of Defective, making it so that it doesn't just die because the other Detectives just happened to get killed fast.
In my opinion, it would make the role much more enjoyable.
It also adds more depth to the game, giving more reason for Innocents not to instantly trust their Detectives.

Addressing Possible Concerns:

I can see people complaining about this, saying that it's unfair that they aren't made aware of a Traitor within their Detectives. Some might claim that Defective being revealed balances it. I would argue, however, that everyone being aware of Defective rounds makes the Defective pretty weak, especially since we have so many non-traitor evil roles that would benefit from revealing the Defective by killing the Detectives.
I can see people saying it's too strong, and to this I have a possible solution if it actually turns out to be too strong. Defective can have a more limited shop. It would still get all of the Detective items, but would only get a select few items from the Traitor shop. This solution would only be done if it's shown to be needed though.

Its midnight and I put WAY too much effort into this, but its just a little think i always think about when I see defefctive

Made by @Clavers

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I disagree that Defective is severely weak enough to warrant a big overhaul but I think just changing the spawn chance of the detectives vs defectives would suffice. Instead of guaranteed 1 at 8 it could be guaranteed one between 6 and 11, then chance two between 10 and 14, so on

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I agree, fixing spawn logic could improve it.


I do think part of the logic behind why it was easy to tell if there was a potential Defective is due to the power of Detective specific weapons which were balanced around Ts not having them*Cough P90 Cough* without killing a Detective for it first, but that clearly has not been a major factor outside of when mercenary was shortly added.


Im not sure if said spawn logic is doable with how TTT2 stuff works, but ill look into it. Or try to get devs to look into it.

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