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Add emotes to the server ( by Pine-Swole )

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Edited for pepole like Haxray that cant read


You must add emotes to the server. 


1. You can have member and VIP level emotes, tempting more people to buy VIP.

2. You can do the orange justice over someone after you kill them


I think emotes would be really good.


Here is a link to the mod you should add: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1655753632

Here is a video for reference:



By Pine-Swole

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44 minutes ago, Cpt.Haxray said:

Takes up a lot of file space, would be obnoxious, would be a pain in the ass and require a custom plugin to get it have rank specific emotes.


Im against this idea.

thats a good point but have you ever played fortnight?

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