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buff invisibility potion

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the point of the decloak upon attack is to prevent it from just being a free deal with the devil's invisibility effect, which would not be very fun to fight against


it's already plenty strong enough as you can do things like:

  • run past a sniper's sightline
  • sneak up on someone
  • throw off someone who's chasing you
  • pair it with other potions to enhance the potency of mobility-related potions

if it were to get a buff in any way, it would likely get a buff in duration time, but I feel like the current amount (10 seconds) is plenty considering that you're not meant to have it active at all times and instead treat it as a disposable tool you can use when necessary


Edited by The1337Gh0st
fixed typo

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I largely agree with Ghost, invis is a very strong effect and you have to remember if the cards line up right for the Alchemist/Witch they can keep crafting the same potion over and over.


The one small buff I could maybe throw out on the table is to have it make your guns invisible as well, so you would at least get to shoot your shot off before someone can see you. As it stands right now anything you hold out is visible as a floating item

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