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CSS ZE: How do Map Nominations and Voting Work?

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If you are currently reading this post, then I assume you wish to know more about how events for the GFL CSS ZE server work. Event set-up is done each week starting on Monday for the Nomination thread, and Wednesday for the Voting thread. Some weeks, I may not get to the post on time, but they will be up at some point. If either post does not go up on the day assigned (USA time), then let me or another online admin know and we will try our best to get the thread up ASAP.




This is where players (you!) can think of creative or basic maps for the server to play on our Saturday events. These nominations can even have special kickers such as selecting certain weapons to use, server settings from past ZE servers, or only complete certain stages. The only limits we have are as follows:

  1. A map cannot be played for two weeks once selected for an event
  2. Map combos need to be realistic. No one wants to spend 7+ hours on the server grinding away at difficult maps
  3. On the flipside, there cannot be trolling or micspam as part of an event.
  4. It needs to be relatively easy to stripper/modify ZR values. Things such as "X weapon until a boss fight where everything is unrestricted" will not be allowed.


Map Voting


This is where the community comes together and decide what map(s) we will be playing on coming Saturday. There will be 5 selected nominations from the week's Nomination thread. If less than 5 nominations are created, then nominations that did not win in previous weeks will be added to the voting thread. If more than 5 nominations are created, then >>the nominations with the highest likes will be selected<<. This hasn't happened in recent days, but this rule which has been in place for years will be enforced. After the voting is locked at 4 PM Central, the nomination with the highest votes will be selected as the event to be played the next day. If more than one nomination wins, then a random nomination will be picked using random.org.

Also, this goes without saying, but if you use alt accounts to vote or if you have no intention of stepping foot in our server after voting, I have the right to ignore your vote from the final total. Let this be your last warning.


Event Thread


Now we arrive at the fun part! At some point after voting concludes, I will post the final winner to our community events page, where details regarding what maps and special kickers we will be playing that Saturday. Download links for the maps being played will be provided for players who's internet connection may not be as strong. Rules regarding to how long each map will be played and what sort of attitude the event will have will also be listed at the bottom.

Final Words


I hope this text guide is helpful for players who may not understand how we handle the logistics behind our weekly events. It is something that has been keeping the server going for many years, and will continue as long as you, the players, stick around. If you have any questions about events, reach out to me (WarpedCakez) on Discord, Steam, or the Forums (may be slow to respond here). I will update this guide and communicate with everyone if there are any changes to how things are done. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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