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Team Leader Openings

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Posted  Edited by Joshy - Edit Reason: MutedMike promoted to Events Team Leader

Hey, everyone 🙂


We have two Team Leader roles opening up. We have one remaining Team Leader role open.


I grayed out the extra details, but wanted to make them available for anyone who wants them.


One of them is already open: Development Team Leader

  • [TL;DR SUMMARY] It's a technical role that oversees our Developers.  Overseeing would mean measuring activity, assigning projects or scoping the deliverables, recruiting and applications for the role.  Developers work on various programming projects usually plugins for the different games within GFL.
  • Although it's (strongly) preferred we don't have a hard requirement on Development Team Leader having technical experience because it's a leadership role, but you should at least be willing to learn new skills and have some basics such as being able to use a Linux system.  I think Server Managers will be very suitable candidates for this role, and so if you're a Server Manager+ or would like to become one I think this would be a great opportunity for you (and if you're not a Server Manager but think you are a good candidate for this role, then go for it!)
  • Development Team Leaders do not lead Technical Administrators and it is not guaranteed that the Team Leader will become one too. 
  • Activity and communication skills are valuable, but this doesn't necessarily mean being online every 30 minutes (I think checking in once a day or once every other day will be acceptable), and you wont need to write novels or 132 documents to prove your communication skills unless you really want to.
  • Quick note for anyone interested in CS:GO: They largely have a different system that usually does not involve the Development Team.


NOTE: This role below is no longer open as @MutedMike has taken the role 🙂, but I will leave this here for reference and I think it's a good description of the role for anyone who maybe interested in it in the future.


The second Team Leader role is opening very soon: Events Team Leader!  I think this role doesn't require too much explanation.  It can be a very fun role. 

  • [TL;DR SUMMARY] You help setup and propose events, implement event ideas coming from others, and help Event Team Members with their events as well.
  • Activity and communication is very important for this role.  Being creative is helpful for this role, and supporting a fun environment so everyone can have a good time (don't be a boring paper pusher to lead the team).
  • You can turn things into an event like starting up or testing a server, and you can just do some good old Discord events such as Movie Nights; we've also have had bigger events like a Minecraft event.  Not every event needs to be elaborate even the small and recurring ones can be good too.
  • Events Team is evolving with an upcoming rewards system (both for hosting and participating in events), and hopefully you'll get to be a part of that and drive it towards success.


Most of these Team Leader roles have been a great stepping stone for people who are very interested in GFL, and there has been pretty good history of people moving up from these roles too.  These roles rank relatively high within GFL and are considered "Staff" roles; I personally consider it almost comparable to / maybe a smidge below Division Leader without server permissions (so don't expect global admin) and so we plan to be more selective on who can fill these roles.


Some guidelines to understand your chances of filling it in given the above: If you're very new to the community or have very little visible activity, then you should be able to show a tremendous amount of proof of capabilities / your credentials and trustworthiness; conversely: If you've been here for a while and have been on the teams, then we might be willing to have some more wiggle room or be open to learning experiences.


Reach out to me if you're interested in either of these roles.  Another thing you can do if you just want to dip your toes into the water without a larger commitment is to join the teams.

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MutedMike promoted to Events Team Leader


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