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Murder MOTD

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--=Garry's Mod Murder MOTD=--

--=Last Updated: 6/11/2017 (June 11th)=--


GFL General Rules:

1. The admin's word is FINAL. No arguing will be tolerated. If an admin tells you to not to do something, then don't do it, even if it is not specifically mentioned in the server MOTD.


2. Please show respect to the other players on the server, including the admins. If you do not, you may be punished.


3. Hacking and scripting will not be tolerated and quick and severe punishment will be given.


4. If an admin has business with another player, stay out of it. For example, if a player is muted, it was most likely for a reason. Do not bother the admin with trolling such as "Abuse!" or "They weren't doing anything." It is very possible the admin spotted something that you didn't. Gags and mutes can and will be given for this.


5. If an admin is actually abusing their powers, report them with VALID PROOF (screenshots, etc.) to me or another higher up. My profile is @Winter, PM me with reports, DO NOT POST THEM PUBLICLY!


6. Do not advertise for other websites, communities, etc.


7. Children or other people with exceptionally high-pitched voices are not encouraged to speak on their microphones very much, as other players tend to give them a lot of hate. In some cases, gags may be given by admins.

8. Do not threaten to hack or DDoS the servers, or the GFL community. These are taken very seriously and will be properly punished.


9. Do not impersonate other players, admins, or higher-ups.


10. Leaving the server to avoid punishment will result in a more severe punishment unless a VALID reason is given for disconnecting.


11. No pornography of any kind, whether a link or a spray, will be tolerated. This will result in an immediate permanent ban.


Gamemode Rules: (Both Servers)

1. Do not mic spam or chat spam. This includes playing music through your mic, screaming/yelling, holding down the microphone button while not talking, spamming binds, words or letters in chat. These are English-only servers, so if you wish to speak, please do so in English.


2. Spamming the admin chat (@message) will result in a kick.


3. Do not spam the quick say/taunt button (Q voice commands).


4. Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch). This is the act of shooting another player without evidence, whether they are the murderer or not. Accidental RDM will not be punished, but there is a very noticeable difference between accidental and purposeful RDM.


5. No ghosting/teaming. Ghosting is communicating with another player who is alive when you are dead, letting them know where people/weapons are. Targeting certain players, or avoiding to kill other players, is considered teaming and will be punished as such.


6. Do not camp. This is defined as staying in one place for a long period of time to avoid people.


7. Do not guncamp. This is defined as staying near/standing on the gun as murderer to prevent people from having a chance to retrieve it, and also as hitting the gun into an unreachable spot (lava, etc.)


Server/Map Specific updates to come.


Edited by Winter



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