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Please make sure you are using the private @admin chat or /// admin chat; we do not respond to public admin requests.


General Server Rules:
1. Do not disrespect/harass/troll/be prejudice towards your fellow players or admins.
2. Do not hack/cheat/exploit by any means.
3. Do not mic or chat spam (this includes admin chat).
4. Do not RDM.
5. Do not impersonate staff members (having a similar name or changing your name/job to "admin").
6. Do not evade punishment. (leaving or disconnecting from server)
7. Do not advertise different servers/communities. This will result in a ban.
8. Do not kill AFK players unless in a raid zone.
9. Do not demote while a staff member is online, unless absolutely needed.
10. Do not spam the knock function (knocking on someone’s door for an excessive amount of time.)
11. Randomly weapon checking players is not allowed. 
12. Do not body block.
13. Do not randomly fire a weapon, stab with a knife, or swing your fist.
14. If a staff member tells you to do something, listen.
15. Do not attempt to find or take advantage of loopholes in our rules.
16. Do not fading door abuse (FDA). (Ex: Opening a fading door in order to shoot someone and closing it immediately afterwards or closing fading doors with the intent of slowing down a raider.)
17. Do not build in the bank or the bank vault unless you are a bank official.
18. Do not scam customers.
19. Do not hitbox (being able to shoot someone without them being able to shoot you back).
20. You must type "/advert [action]" Before performing a raid/mug/carjack/kidnap, and type "/advert [action] over" as it ends.
21. Do not abuse a job for personal gain and avoid your role-play responsibility (Ex: Going Gun Dealer to buy yourself weapons then switching back to another job, etc.).
22. No spawn killing (randomly shooting/stabbing someone in spawn, even if they are protected with spawn protection).
23. Do not abuse rules related to spawn protection (Ex. Being wanted and waiting in spawn till it goes away to avoid being arrested). 
24. Two of the same service providers (Ex. gun dealers) cannot base together with the exception of mechanics.
25. Do not "Friend Claim" (killing anyone who kills someone else just because you claim to be "friends". To be valid "friends" you must have some RP relation to that character and in a party).
26. Do not break new life rule (NLR). NLR states that after you die, you do not remember details before death. If you were killed during a raid, you may not come back until the raid has ended.
27. Do not directly seek vengeance on the personnel that arrested you once you have been released by killing them. You may, however, place a hit on that person.
28. Do not metagame (Ex. Obtaining information from OOC (Out of Character) or using something else like TeamSpeak or Skype to benefit yourself in an IC (In Character) situation).
29. You may not kill cops just because you are wanted. You may only kill cops actively trying to arrest or kill you.


Prop Rules:
1. Do not prop spam.
2. Do not prop block.
3. Do not prop kill.
4. Do not prop climb.
5. Do not prop surf.
6. Do not prop trap.
7. Do not prop bridge.
8. Do not prop push.
9. Do not use props to avoid roleplay situations (Ex: placing a prop in front of yourself in order to avoid being shot).
10. Do not build in the streets or public areas. The only ones that are allowed to build in public places are hobo, S.W.A.T. and the Mayor and they must not build on roads (unless it is a toll booth/check point).


Basing Rules:
1. Do not build a base that is unrealistic or excessively large.
2. Do not own more than one building/property per group.
3. There should be at least one keypad or button directly next to the fading door that it opens (does not apply to windows). You may not have keypads or buttons that are fake or useless.
4. Do not build a base that is impossible to raid. It must give ample room to move.
5. Only put KOS signs on your own property. KOS lines and “No loitering” signs are not allowed by any means. You do not need a KOS sign and may kill anyone who enters your property without permission.
6. Do not seal off/claim public areas (alleyways, sidewalks, etc.).
7. Fading doors must not have a fading time less than 4 seconds.
8. Every part of your base must be at least partially visible.
9. You may block off as many entrances as you want as long as there is at least one available entrance to your base.
10. You may block off your property while you are building by putting a "Building" sign on your base. This is used to avoid being raided while you are building. While this sign is up, you cannot have drugs/oil drillers/printers/guns. Make sure to remove the blocking prop and sign when you are done.
11. You may only build on top of a building if you own the building as a whole. This does not mean you can prop climb to get there.
12. Do not have entrances that require a player to crouch or jump to get into the base.
13. You may not have more than 2 props making one fading door back-to-back and all back-to-back doors must be on the same keypad.
14. You may only have up to 4 fading doors (back-to-back fading doors count as one single door).
15. Bases that cannot be broken into by a single police officer using the battering ram during a warrant is not allowed. This means you cannot have more than two horizontal props stacked on top of each other making a door. 
16. You may not have no-collided props directly in front of your fading door(s).
17. Do not edit/build your base while it is being raided.
18. You may not have "black-out bases" (fully black base to throw off raiders).


Raiding Rules:
1. Do not solo raid. You must raid with at least one partner. Certain jobs are excluded from this rule (see that job’s rule section).
2. Do not raid someone more than three times in an hour. Time between raids is 15 minutes on the same person or base.
3. Do not raid the police department or the mayor within the mayor's grace period (grace period ends within 15 minutes of the mayor being elected, or if the mayor attempts to shoot/use a weapon).
4. Do not raid a sales person within 15 minutes of you buying a product from them.
5. Do not use a camera that is no collided to see inside another person's base.
6. You may not return to the same raid after being killed in or near it until it is over. This includes standing near the base to "watch" the raid. 
7. Organization members may not raid their leader (Ex: Mob members raiding the mob boss base).
8. You cannot block or knockdown cameras in order to "blind" defenders.
9. You may not raid/mug/kidnap people inside the casino.
10. Do not raid a base that has a “building” sign up.
11. In order to raid with a group, you must be in a party. Use the command !party.
12. No drugs are to be used during raids to gain an advantage (includes heroin, weed, and cocaine).
13. Do not start a raid just to kill people and make no attempt at raiding the base.


Car Rules:
1. Do not randomly destroy cars without a valid RP reason.
2. Do not respawn your car or reconnect with the purpose of retrieving your car from raiders.
3. Do not leave your car in spawn so it cannot get carjacked.
4. Do not attempt to run over people/get people stuck/block entrances with a vehicle.
5. Do not use props to move cars.
6. Do not spam the horn.


Fail Roleplaying Rules:
FailRP is defined as taking action or forcing actions upon others that do not make sense with roleplay purposes. This includes actions such as (but not limited to):

1. Respawning your car if it is stolen. 
2. Killing yourself during a mug/kidnap to get out of paying. 
3. Killing yourself after accepting a hit just to get the money without doing the hit. 
4. Using drugs as a civil protection job.
5. Basing with a job outside the realm of RP (Ex. Gun dealer with a thief).
6. Meta-gaming (Ex. Warranting for hearing meth being cooked).

Admins have the final say on on a particular situation. Situations not stated above are up to interpretation by them.


Kidnapping & Mugging Rules: 
1. You must be near a player when performing a kidnap/mug. You may not mug someone while they are moving.
2. Kidnappers must hold a person for ransom. You must advert that you have someone kidnapped and say the price you are demanding for their ransom. Anyone may pay and you cannot refuse it.
3. Do not mug, kidnap or carjack in spawn.
4. Only jobs that have the ability to raid may kidnap.
5. You may not kidnap anyone who has a weapon out.
6. Anyone who has been kidnapped may run away, but your hands are bound. You may not kill or arrest someone kidnapping you.
7. You may only keep someone kidnapped for a maximum of 10 minutes. Once that time is up you must either kill them or release them.
8. You may not kidnap the same person more than one time per hour.
9. The max amount you can demand when kidnapping or mugging is $5,000.
10. After mugging someone, wait 10 minutes before mugging the same person again.
11. The minimum mug time is 15 seconds, nothing lower. You must advert in chat. You cannot mug using just your mic.


Law Enforcement Rules:
1. Law Enforcement are not allowed to own illegal items.
2. Law Enforcement have to enforce the law and use the police department as their base. They cannot make their own bases.
3. Law Enforcement can arrest anyone for having drugs, oil drilling, and being involved in prostitution. These are always laws (even without Mayor).
4. Law Enforcement may not arrest anyone for guns, unless there is a law saying they are illegal.
5. Law Enforcement can shoot anyone for murder unless the suspect is acting in self-defense. This does not mean you cannot arrest them for illegal weaponry or other laws they have broken.
6. Law Enforcement always have to try to arrest first unless the individual poses an immediate threat.
7. Law Enforcement and non-gov persons are not allowed to party together.
8. Stun stick abuse is not allowed (hitting a player with a stun stick without reason).
9. Do not arrest in spawn for a lockdown or if they are breaking other laws.
11. Arresting for no reason is not allowed (RDA).
12. Warranting to check a house without any proof of contraband is not allowed (unless you have probable cause). This also applies for weapon checking. If your life is threatened or someone has told you of another player's possession of contraband, you may put a warrant on them.
13. You may not warrant someone for "hearing" meth cooking or oil drilling.
14. If you are pursuing a player (wanted person or persons), you may seize any and all evidence in the person’s or persons’ home. All drugs and oil utilities must be destroyed.
15. If a person is resisting arrest, you are allowed to use lethal force after giving them warnings.
16. If the police armory is blocked off you must give the other cops the code when asked. You can use group chat to talk to all CP's at the same time.
17. During a lockdown you may only arrest someone while they are on the streets. Do not arrest players who are in unowned buildings or in the PD. Do not chase someone who was on the streets into a building and then arrest them inside.

Job Descriptions/Rules:


1. Read “Law Enforcement Rules”.
2. The mayor must lead all Law Enforcement and assign them tasks.
3. The mayor must make reasonable laws. Laws not allowed include (but not limited to):        -laws that make certain players exempt from the laws            
-laws that demand that players call you a certain name or title 
-laws forcing players to have a prop outside their base
-laws preventing players from J-Walking or "crouch walking”
-laws that contradict the default laws or server rules.
4. The mayor can build in public places with a reason for doing so. 
5. No random lockdowns of any sort, please give a reason over "/broadcast" or "/advert". If you do not broadcast or advert the reason you could be demoted for it.
6. Your arrest stick is only to be used for your defense or if someone enters the back of the PD. You may not use it to enforce laws.
7. Do not go on raids with police or patrol the streets looking to arrest people.
8. The max amount you may charge for bail or a gun license is $5,000.
9. The max amount of time a lockdown can be is 3 minutes.


Mayor’s Daughter:
1. Ask for money from your dad and influence his rule.
2. Do not build a base. The PD is your base.


1. Read “Law Enforcement Rules”.
2. Police are lead by the police chief and must follow their orders.
3. Police may enforce basic traffic laws.


1. Read “Law Enforcement Rules”.
2. S.W.A.T. are lead by the S.W.A.T. chief and must follow their orders.
3. S.W.A.T. cannot enforce traffic laws. This role is reserved for the police.
4. S.W.A.T. may hold training sessions in abandoned buildings only if pre-announced to the public (use advert and place a sign outside the base).
5. S.W.A.T. may set up checkpoints on roads and tunnels with a valid RP reason.


Secret Service:
1. Read “Law Enforcement Rules”.
2. Secret Service must stay with the mayor at all times; you are his personal bodyguard, not his private army.
3. You may weapon check players if they are near the mayor or if it makes sense in the context of role-play.
4. Secret Service may not enforce laws unless they are laws that are putting the Mayor's life in danger (EX: Someone has a gun out near the Mayor and guns are illegal).
1. You must do lewd things with people (for a price of course).
2. You cannot let civil protection see you because your job is illegal.
3. After your session, you may not kill your client for being unpleased.
4. You must try to get clients.

Casino Manager & Security:
1. Watch over the casino and those within it.
2. If gambling is flagged as illegal by the mayor, charge people coming in a fee and prevent any civil protection from in.

Movie Theater Manager:
1. No gore videos (real people being beheaded, burned alive, shot/executed, etc.).
2. No videos with nudity.
3. If someone requests a video, try to play that video after the current video is over. It is not required but suggested.
Thieves, Pro Thieves, Hackers, & Pro Hackers:
1. Raiding, mugging, and kidnapping rules apply to these jobs.
2. Waging a war on cops or on other organizations is not allowed in any way.
3. A hacker may charge for their services or stay with one group.
4. Thieves and pro thieves may solo raid.
MS13 & Yakuza Gangs:
1. Raiding, mugging, and kidnapping rules apply to these jobs.
2. The gang bosses are in command of the members below them. They order them to do their dirty work and make sure they are doing it.
3. Gang bosses may not raid.
4. Stay away from having any meaningful contact with police.
5. Organizations may raid each other.
6. Gang members may only raid with other gang members.
7. You may kill people from the other organization but you may not kill other people of the same organization as you.


Mob Boss & Members:
1. Raiding, mugging, and kidnapping rules apply to these jobs.
2. The mob boss is in command of everyone below you. Order them to do your dirty work and make sure they are doing it.
3. The mob boss may not raid unless with his members.
4. Stay away from having any meaningful contact with police.


Hitman & Hitman Pro:
1. You are allowed to advertise your service, although it is not required.
2. You cannot accept a hit on the same person twice within 15 minutes of each other.
4. Hitmen cannot order hits from government officials or other hitmen.
5. You need a valid RP reason to place a hit on someone. Random hits are not permitted and will result in punishment.
8. Hitmen may only raid to complete a hit. They may solo raid.
9. You must advert when you accept a hit and when you complete it.
Doctor & Mechanic:
1. Mechanics must have a shop of some form.
2. Doctors and mechanics are allowed to charge people for their services. 
3. Doctors and mechanics cannot deny someone of getting healed/repairs.
4. You may not raid.
5. Mechanics may base with other mechanics.


Drug Dealer:
1. You do not need a shop.
2. Do not use your own illegal products. Only sell them.
3. Do not sell illegal products to police department or court workers.
4. You may not raid.
5. Drug dealers may only base with medics or gun dealers. Non-Service providing jobs may not base with a drug dealer. 
6. Do not spam shipments everywhere.


Black Market Dealer & Gun Dealer:
1. Gun dealers must have a shop of some form (if possible, in a gun dealer home). Black market dealers may not have a shop. They must sell weapons out of the law’s sight.
2. Gun dealer must sell to everyone. Black market dealer must not sell to any civil protection.
3. You are allowed to sell for any price within the scope of RP.
4. You may not raid.
5. You may have a gun for your own self defense.
6. Gun dealers may only base with medics or drug dealers. Non-service providing jobs may not base with a gun dealer. 
7. You do not need a gun license as a gun dealer to sell guns unless the mayor has added a law requiring you to have one.
8. Do not spam shipments everywhere.


Oil Driller:
1. You may not raid.
2. Allowed to base with anyone that is not government/law enforcement.
3. Oil drilling is not illegal so police force cannot arrest you for making/manufacturing oil.


1. You need to be bought by a player.
2. You can defend your base when been raided.
3. Your owner must build a shelter for you.
4. You are not allowed do anything that would make money (Ex. Manufacturing meth).


Meth Manufacturer: 
1. You may not raid.
2. Allowed to base with anyone that is not government/law enforcement.
3. Your job is illegal so keep a low profile to prevent being arrested.


1. Listen to the information presented and make a fair and just decision.
2. Do not vote guilty if the person was honestly innocent.
3. Do not vote innocent if the person was honestly guilty.
4. Do not take bribes from either party.
5. Stay inside the court at all times.


1. Regardless of the crime, you must try to convince the judge that the arrested person is guilty.

1. Regardless of the crime, you must try to convince the judge that the arrested person is innocent.
2. Keep the cost for your service reasonable for the crime accused. 


Hobo King & Hobo:
1. Hobo king leads the hobos and commands them.
2. Hobo houses must be constrained to a modest 2-3 stories tall.
3. Elevators and fading ramps being the only means of entrance is forbidden.
4. Only hobos are allowed to make toll booths. Tolls can only impede cars. The hobo must be attentive to the toll at all times and not charge over $500.
5. Hobos may not build ramps to the tops of buildings and base on the top. They also may not build ramps to "floating" props and use that as a base.
6. Hobos may mug people.
7. Hobos may not own a car, but may own a tricycle. You may however "steal" someone's car if they leave it unlocked. You must advert carjack if you do this.
8. Hobos can be arrested during a lockdown, just like any other person. If you do not have a home go inside the nearest unowned building or the PD.


Hobo Town Rules:
-Must be out of the way, not impeding any public access-ways.
-Only hobos may be residents thus are the only ones who can defend it when the time comes.
-This means they cannot hire mercenaries or security guards to defend the town.
-Vendors may set up stands, but as above, cannot defend hobo town.
-Must be at least one vendor selling publicly for another vendor to be able to set up shop.
-RP relations may not be used as a vehicle to circumvent these rules.


Bank Manager  & Bank Security:
1. Only bank workers may build in the bank.
2. Bank Security must stay in bank to help prevent it getting raided.
3. You may not raid.


Fight Club Manager, Security, & Boxers:
1. Fight club manager must pay winning boxer at end of round.
2. Security must make sure that the club does not get robbed.
3. Boxers fight until there is a K.O. (death).
4. Do not fist whore (randomly punch for no reason). 
5. You may not raid.


News Cameraman:
1. You may tag along with raids, but you may not shoot or loot the raided base(s).
2. Do not harass other players. If they ask you to leave, then leave.


1. Do not troll. If someone asks to lower the volume or change the song, please do so or respond in a polite manner.
2. Do not steal or mess with other DJ’s controllers.
3. Do not play annoying or troll music.


Member Perks:
-Access to Meth Manufacturer job.
-Access to Defendant job. 
-Access to Prosecutor job. 
-Access to Police Chief job.
-Access to S.W.A.T. Chief job.
-Access to Hobo King job.
-Access to Mayor job.
-Access to Secret Service job.
-Access to Undercover Cop job.
-Access to Bronze Bank Account.
-Access to Exclusive Cars.
+More to come!


Supporter Perks:
-Access to S.W.A.T. Sniper job.
-Access to Black Market Dealer job.
-Access to Pet job.
-Access to Judge job.
-Access to Silver Bank Account.
-Access to buy FA:S Weapon Attachments.
-Access to Extra Utilities for Meth and Oil Drilling.
-Access to Exclusive Cars.
+More to come!


VIP Perks:
-Access to Pro Thief job.
-Access to Pro Hacker job.
-Access to DJ job.
-Access to Hitman Pro job.
-Access to Gold Bank Account.
-Access to Exclusive Cars + Free Car.
+More to come!
Other Information:
-Report a player on GFLClan.com with valid proof, or call an admin through PM, Teamspeak, or the forums.
-Report an admin on GFLClan.com with valid proof or contact qDogg or Sasha Grey.
-Supporter rank costs $4.99, monthly rank.
-VIP rank costs $7.99, monthly rank.


Contact us:
-GFL Website: https://gflclan.com/
-GFL DarkRP Forums: https://gflclan.com/forum/51-dark-rp-us/
-GFL TeamSpeak 3 IP: ts.gflclan.com
-GFL DarkRP Server IP:
-GFL Donation Page: https://gflclan.com/?app=gfldonations


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