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Hi everybody! I'm Katernum (pronounced Kuh-tur-num, not Cat-er-num). I'm a senior in high school in the hellish south of the US. I'm a coder and a registered psychologist.


My games:

CS:GO, playing and shoutcasting

LoL, playing and shoutcasting

Osu!, playing


I'm only somewhat of a weeb. Only somewhat.


Feel free to ask about me or my work anytime!



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1 hour ago, Katernum said:

I could give you one, but I specialize in certain feilds. I can still tell if you're insane though.

Word of advice Katernum, doesn't take an expert to know that @MsShad0w is insane :lenny:. Anyways welcome to GFL, hope your stay is cancerous.


P.S: Senior in HS and a registered pyschologist... damn talk about an interesting High School experience.


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