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[Denied] Kawaii Hunters Application

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Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:72329795

Link to Steam Account: http://steamcommunity.com/id/KawaiiHunter/

What are you applying for:

Combat Surf

Why do you want to apply for the above position:

There are not so many admins on the server so i thought i want to apply to help the server grow

What you have to offer our server and the community:

Jokes and allot of attention 

Do you have any prior experience as the above position:

Yes are tadmin (orange) and in gmod tmod (zombie rp)

Why we should accept you:

This is my 3rd application now and i now dont want to screw up. I of course give allot of attention to the server and want to help the server grow yet there are people who dont follow the rules and mostly im on this server now bc im bored of everything else so im almost always online here and want to keep the server clean, I of course give allot of attention to all of the people and try my best to follow the rules and people/staff in this community/server so im not a rude guy, I have a huge responsibility for the server and want to help the other staff and people in this server and i know all the rules to the top of my thumb :D 


i hope you guys will accept me cya in the server :D


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If you had have read the post that you were required to read before applying you would have realised what you needed to do. So for the time being this is Denied. Also, you've only just started playing again. Get some time on the servers before you apply again.



So everyone is listing their former stuff so I'll just be cool and list mine :3


Former @HackingPotato's White Knight and Boss Former Director Former TF2 Division Leader Former Community Advisor Former TF2 Technical Administrator Former TF2 Server Manager Former TF2 Trial Manager Former TF2 Admin Former TF2 Revivalist Former TF2 Player Former TF2 God Former Media Leaderish Former somewhat Media team person Former VIP Former Supporter Former Member Former TF2 Player Former Player

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