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Tf2Ware MoTD

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General Rules

  • 1. The admin's word is FINAL. If an admin says not to do something, then don't do it, even if it isn't covered elsewhere in the MOTD.
  • 2. Do not overuse racism.
  • 3. Do not impersonate other players (particularly an admin).
  • 4. Nude sprays are allowed, see rule 5 for the exception.
  • 5. Childporn(CP) is NOT tolerated. You will be banned permanently on sight. This also includes cub/lolicon(talking about nude sprays here)
  • 6. Stay out of an admin's business with another player. For example: If a player was muted, do not bug the admin with "why did you do that?" Or "abuse, abuse" in a trolling manner. If the admin is abusing his/her powers you can report them with VALID PROOF. In addition, please don't exploit the report system.
  • 7. NO chat spamming, or all caps rage moments. Check rule 9 in addition to this one, please.
  • 8. This server is NOT a trade server. It would be greatly appreciated if you would not advertise your trades in chat. If you want to do that, you are recommended to go to a trading server.
  • 9. Listen to admins; They have Final say.
  • 10. Don't be a douche, you will be gagged and/or muted.
  • 11. Keep personal quarrels away from the server. If you must, take it to a PM and/or Steam Message. Any hostile attacks on a personal level will be silenced temporarily. If you continue, a kick or a ban might be the only option left if nothing sinks in.


Server Specific Rules

  • Team Killing is strongly encouraged.


  • Soon to come

Server Perks

  • Soon to come.


(I will sort this out later)



So everyone is listing their former stuff so I'll just be cool and list mine :3


Former @HackingPotato's White Knight and Boss Former Director Former TF2 Division Leader Former Community Advisor Former TF2 Technical Administrator Former TF2 Server Manager Former TF2 Trial Manager Former TF2 Admin Former TF2 Revivalist Former TF2 Player Former TF2 God Former Media Leaderish Former somewhat Media team person Former VIP Former Supporter Former Member Former TF2 Player Former Player

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