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Things are going well

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Just to let some of you know, i have moved on from the Jailbreak server and started to persue other things and have new goals. At the moment i am now a Trial Moderator for Tango World Wide, on  a TTT server called Trouble in Taco Town. So you will no longer see me on the Jailbreak server anymore. And you will possibly not see me on another GFL server. I will be mostly playing Gmod on the TTT server and other servers they have available. So all in all, life is going pretty well. If any of you all know me from the Jailbreak server, you could hop on the TTT server and give me a hello, wassup, or anything like that.  I would really appreciate it if you did. And in a real life stance i just got a new job as a steel worker, and me and my Girlfriend just bought a new pet dog, and his name is Boomer. So that,s the update, hope you all are doing well.

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