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I pick up the small child, she giggles as I put them onto my shoulders.

She points at a toy, across the room, so I walk over to it and hand it to her.

She plays with the toy, as I just sit there, relaxed.

A few minutes later, she pats the top of my head, which she does to get my attention.

They then point to the crayons and paper on the floor, so I take her over, so she can draw.

I hear footsteps outside the door.

The steps sound hard, like high heels against wood.

I slightly open the door.

Its a man, wearing a white coat

I open it up more, that way they can enter

They walk over to the child, pick her up, and place her on the bed.

He says something to the girl, but in a language I can't understand.

The girl acts distressed and reaches for me, the man holding her back.

I reach for her, but he pushes me Down, taking the girl out of the room.

She's crying now, looking over his shoulder, reaching for me.

I try to follow, but he's too fast, and all I see is her.

Her crying, reaching for me.

But I was too slow.

I go back to the room, defeated.

I sit down In the corner, and sleep, so depressed.

The girl doesn't come back into the room the next day.

The child's face... If only I hadn't opened the door...

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