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Looking to the community for help with DarkRP!

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Hey guys. As you know, Double Money weekend started yesterday. We didn't do very well, and we all came to the conclusion that changing the map away from v4c_v2 is just not a move anyone can make. So we reverted to the original map, which is the same one that Purge has had since it's inception. Now that we have a map people want to play, WE NEED YOUR HELP.


Players who use the new browsing method for servers in GMOD are doing one of three things. 


1) They're sorting by player count, and either joining highly populated servers, or servers with a fair amount of people on them. If this is the case, we lose out because we don't yet have a high player count. THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOU. We can't artificially boost our player count with bots because that unethical, and we get banned from gametracker. We need real people playing, or at the very least AFKing. We can't pull in a new populatino without a pre-existing one, and we're wholely dependent on the current GFL members to kickstart us. 


2) They sort by popularity. Again, because we have no pre-existing population, we don't pull in players this way. The more people we have on server, the better chance we have of climbing those ranks and getting new players and members.


3) They sort alphabetically, which puts us right out of the top page. Nothing can be done about this, but our server listing definitely stands out because of the bold black bars. 


Numbers 1 and 2 are clearly the most obvious methods for sorting by servers, and if we stand any chance of breaking out, we need you guys to help us. The work has been put in, the server runs great, and the gameplay is cohesive. We put together a good product, and now we need you guys to help us sell it to the GMOD masses by playing there TODAY and TOMORROW. The managers and I will be on all day, as will the admins coming in and out when they have time. Please find the time to come help us out.

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