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I was originally planning to not make a introduction because everyone should know who I am. But I need to check up on some stuff to see what Faex is talking about. So anyways...

My name is Sally, I go by Bae, derpy, and koharu-chan on here, any many other names. I'm supposedly an admin for Purge and possibly csgo surf rpg dm us. I'm also a GFX Member Team, and if member acceptor gets back, I'm also that; I'm also a permanent VIP; I'm 100% sure I'm no longer a surf timer eu admin, pretty sure unless I'm wrong. I don't know, it's frenzy's server. 


I can only come on here 2-4 hours a day because of summer school. Monday - Thursday from 12PM to 9PM, I get 2 hours free time, but I'll mostly be in school so won't be on. I'll be on mostly on weekends, depending if my friends and families don't have to do anything that day. I don't do english or correct my spellings or grammars because I don't want to and even after I speak it, it's hard for me to pronounce things correctly. So pretty much, you'll hear how stupid I can be with this. 


I also freelance work on manga scanlations, it means that we upload chapters of manga. To put it simply, I work for 5 different groups and they're really time consuming especially if you have to redraw or if it's like 30-40 pages long. Oh about school, I forgot to mention, I may need some help from time to time. If you guys don't mind at all, I would like some help with that. Especially Math and English / Literature c: 


credits to @Clavers

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