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a true story i made up

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so, im a 17 yo guy, and for looks im around a 7/10 to 7.5/10, im still a virgin (this story is a meme) ive had a few girlfriends but we only did fingering and getting hj's, i was dating this 8/10 really nice girl and was with her for about 5 months, she is also a virgin with even less experince then me, one day i decided to invite her over, no parents for the weekend, she said yes pick me up at 7 blah blah, im getting laid tonight i thought, i run to the movie store and pick up clash of titans which just gave me the best idea ever. it just  came out on dvd and i watch it before she comes over with the idea in my head, i pause at the best moment, and shut my tv off not the player so i can turn it on whenever, we got at my house me and her, we grab some beers and my dad says only i can have them but my girl gets them too, like he will notice, she gets drunk slowly, i cut the bullshit and say i want her, she replies i want you too ;) and giggles, "fuck she is done" we start kissing and it gets really hot, eventually i end up in only pants and she in only underwear, i feel her hard start touching my dick, my master plan commences, i turn on the tv and she doesnt notice the immage coming on, the volume is at max, i pull out my dick and press play on the dvd player remote, you hear Liam Nelson yelling "RELEASE THE KRACKEN" at a million decibals, and i give my gf the biggest dickslap in all history, she falls down off the couch and starts running, MFW she dumps me

-credit to reddit

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Interesting story, just one thing.... "i feel her hard start touching my dick."  Did she have a penis?!?! "Hard" (as in boner) 




I'm lowkey a weeb...





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