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Why i should not be banned?...

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Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:194487403


Banned by: @DanteSenpai 


Ban reason:Karma too low (RDM)


Why you should be unbanned:


Yes i was banned from "gflclan-ttt"server for rdm but the rdm calls on me were false!!!  I only shot people that shot people and the dead body's were identified as innocent then i shot the killer and i only shot people that started shooting at me first... There are a lot of other players that rdm much more worse than me like for instance i was RDM over 10 times on that server and they never got banned and it was always the same person that was detective or innocent. So please help me to get unbanned because I just became member and now im banned for false RDM....                      (UPDATE) .I said at first i was banned by console but the reason for it was that i didnt know who banned me and i didnt know how to find it out and i still dont know i got the name from a comment and i am sorry for that i know my post was denied but please give me another chance i said my mouse freaked out because it realy realy sucks i always vote when im dead and spectate and the people are so funny and cool on the server, this is my first ban for life on a server ever and im just trying to fix that,  i would just like to apologize for my behavior on the server but please give me a second chance and if i get banned for a second time then ill leave the server for good and ill donate on this website.....????? PLEASE SAY YES AND ILL KNOW YOU WONT REGRET IT.  




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