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ban appeal for someone else

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Name:  HuskyKims


Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:120886400


Banned by:  @Dante_Senpai Senpai


Ban reason: Mass


Why you should be unbanned:

Senpai banned the wrong guy probably from tabbing the guy's name and getting the wrong one 

 [GFL]Senpai ♥ banned HuskyKims for 10080 minute(s) (Attempted Mass)
GFL is recruiting! Apply for membership at GFLClan.com! Type !motd to see step by step instructions.
Hugh Jasshole(STEAM_0:0:223564004) has disconnected with 1 autoslay left!
hugh was the that was massing not husky; im vouching for husky since I was there when it happen. I already banned hugh for massing


@Violator if you can get this unbanned

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