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Under Ground

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It was removed 2 months ago according to the changelog : 

But as to why, it's most likely these reasons:

  • not many people play/vote on this map.
  • has bugs/errors that can't be fixed
  • it was voted to be removed due to certain reasons that is unknown.


Best to wait for @bnewton to respond.


credits to @Clavers

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Underground Lab was removed because it's cancerous for seekers to win 99.999% of the time. The only condition under which I would consider adding it back is if there was a new version of the map that actually had places to go, with some way of avoiding seekers. Smallotown originally got removed because I didn't want to make admins have to deal with a flying van 24/7, but it got a pass because it was popular, and even though I personally disliked it, I made a few changes to the map so that it wouldn't be as difficult for hiders as it was originally, as well as grounding the van permanently so admins don't have to remember to freeze props EVERY SINGLE ROUND.

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