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Offically left NL

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As you know i advertised a different community which was stupid, then i was banned for doing it, i didn't agree with the ban so i said things to higher ups(things i shouldn't say) and they kept the ban since i was dumb and told them too, so i went to the community and was given A LOT OF POWER(which i shouldn't have since they barely knew me) but i was power hungry and i took it as time progress i started seeing how the owners acted(Wesley) and i was shocked that a a owner was so immature but i kept my mouth shut so i can keep my power. More time progress and i started missing my real community so i got in talks with @Zebra and talked about getting unbanned while the whole progress was going on i started resigning from my positions since i didn't want to deal with such an immature leader, i had one last position left and i have officially resigned and I'm gonna put ALL my focus on GFL and doing my best to help it, A LOT of you are mad I'm here but suck it up because I'm here to stay.

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[Former] PVK Manager  Anarchy Admin 

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*Insert former roles in GFL*

Former Council   

Former Pron Star    

Former Community Advisor  

Former Cinema and DarkRP Manager

Former Hide n Seek and DarkRP Head/Super Admin

Former Purge(x3), EFT, Cinema, DarkRP, Hide n Seek, Prop Hunt Admin






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