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Console ban appeal - TTT

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Name: Moderboat


Steam ID: 



Banned by: Console


Ban reason: Karma


Why you should be unbanned: There is a lot of innocent terrorists committing traitorous acts. I have been obeying by the KOS rules and have been killing them for the acts. It seems like there is not always an admin on late at night while I usually play TTT on your server which is my favorite. I was karma banned due to killing the innocents that committed acts that are KOSable. I have been trying to find an admin that would sponsor me as I would like to help stop RDMers and people who break the rules of the server. This server is about the only TTT server I enjoy playing on and would like to help make it a better community. 

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23 minutes ago, moderboat said:

I attempted to rejoin the server and it booted me again.

I normally don’t do ban appeals so please forgive me.

Have an admin reset your karma before leaving spectate


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