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bann appeal for AGENT 0

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For ban appeals:


server you you were banned from: 

TTT 24/7 minecraft | gihad | pointshop | stats


your Steam ID: 



Admin who banned you: 

it doesnt say his name and i dont remember his name because he didnt even talk to me and decided to bann me first and ask questions later.


admin's Steam ID:

idk who he was because he got on and just banned me.


why should you be unbanned? Use this to explain what happened and provide your defense.

well i didnt do what the report says i did.first of all she kept saying she was gonna get an admin buddy and "slay us".second of all it said i was being sexist and targetting when in fact i wasnt being sexist everyone else was being sexist and saying shit like "get in the kitchen and you dont deserve to talk woman" i sat there quietly(maybe i laughed but i didnt turn on my mic to let her hear me laugh.im not an ass i wouldnt do that).also i was just doing what was right cause she killed two AFK's and she litterally announced "hey im gonna kill this AFK" and then did it without letting everyone tell her she cant do that. then everyone tells her when the round end "YOU CAN KILL AFK'S DERPY" and she goes "no i didnt omfg you have no proof." so we all got pissed and we reported her (might i add one of the AFK'S she killed was me) because she was lying to the whole server and denying it.i reported her the first time for killing me and then the second time for the other guy she killed (a differant time,also the second one might have been a bit of a trap but it was supposed to be a joke and i was one of the ony people who wasnt grilling her) she then replies with the reports with "i didnt kill an AFK stop flase reporting me or ill get you slayed" we all told her it was against the rules but she kept lying to everyone.she called one of her admin buddies online and goes to everyone "hey so i hear youre harrassing derpy here (btw if you cant hendle people being mean on the internet then just get off cause its not like th emute button exists just to be there.not to be mean about it but its just such a simple solution.) everyone goes "WELL SHE KILLED AN AFK"( i said the same thing but thats it) and then the next thing is i spawned into the game i went to get a weapon to play the game and i was banned.

this admin didnt even talk to me or discussed the situation and went right for the bann.that is appauling im a mod on another server and if i or any of the other admins or mods did this they would be demoted instantly because thats not how you deal with that situation.you take the person to the side talk to them and try and understand the situation so you can make the right decission and NOT JUST GO BANN A PERSON, just because there friend asked them too.i saw some other guys on here who where playing on the same server at the time which mean s he went bann happy with it too.i am just very mad that i didnt even get my own voice.she cries "oh my god guys they are being mean" and mr.whiteknight comes in like "no worries" and bann's everyone he can.i bet she PMed him that i did it when in fact i probably did the least "hazing" out of everyone"except those who where afk and stuff"



(ps)not to sound like an ass but i dont think this should be called bann appeal more like i(ps  got banned cause a mod or andmin is friends with a girl so he didnt even listen to my side of the story but its whatever.truthfully im just very frustrated about this who thing i was having a good time with my friend who i dont get to talk to or hang out with that much anymore and i get falsly banned.im sorry if i seem rude sometimes it come out like that when i dont want it to.



well anyway thank you for taking the time to read my appeal.please make the best choice but whatever choice you make will be what i will agree with.


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Why do you go and look at the format for the ban appeal but not read the part where I said message the manager and admin who banned you directly?

The King in Gmod. 

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Posted  Edited by Bae

@MilkMan is the one that banned you.

The person he's referring to was me.

  1. You were constantly false reporting me
  2. You were constantly calling me a racist
  3. You were constantly telling me to stfu.

This will be handled privately later by milk or violator.

Edited by Bae


credits to @Clavers

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Hold on, 2 and 3 are not bannable offenses as we have gag and mute. 1 is bannable in the extreme after being warned and kicked for it but not for a week.


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