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False Ban

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Name: Nick


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80555707


Banned by: WigglesWorth


Ban reason: "consistent false kos 3 rounds leading to rdm"


Why you should be unbanned: Going to go over each of the 3 rounds, first round I was a traitor and called a kos on an inno, obviously allowed; Second round, said "pretty sure wiggles is a traitor but im not positive"; third round, there was no false kos. As well as no one was "RDM'd" because of my "False kos".

Don't let yourself ever get down, if plan A fails, remember, there is 25 more letters in the alphabet.

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That entire paragraph is blatant lies. Every round you were in game, you would spam "wiggles is a traitor" or "kos wiggles" which led to me being rdmed every single round. I could've banned you for targeting which is a week instead, but I figured this was a good compromise. I will see you in one day








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