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Nico's Introduction to the Community

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Hellooooo, I'm Nico from The Netherlands, 17 years young :p, My hobby's are Gaming and Football (Soccer), I'm a Mixed Martial Artist,  I mainly play on the CSS surf rpg server, I'll be on the teamspeak often, And i hope to become friends with all of you !


Thanks for reading !

Have a nice day !

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Great to have you on board.  Welcome to the forums!  As you may have noticed: I love CS:S Surf RPG DM, and I hope to see you around.  Mixed Martial Artist?  SICK!!  That must be a useful and intimidating skill; I'm super weak and I wouldn't be able to defend myself from anything.  I like your persistence here.  You're going to do great!



Demographics Poll is open! 🙂 Please fill it out: https://gflclan.com/demographic





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Welcome to GFL Community and Servers, Nico! I hope you enjoy your stay and make many new friends. If you have any problems or concerns regarding GFL, please let me know. I'll answer the best I can.


credits to @Clavers

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