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Unban Appeal

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Name: Styx Silverpaws


Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:82147597


Banned by: WigglesWorth


Ban reason: "Att Mass" 


Why you should be unbanned: I should be unbanned from TTT because when in the game, the first person I killed, yes, was an accident. I looked at them for about 1 second before firing before realizing I shot the wrong person. Now, for the other two people I shot, The first person I shot, had first shot at me, so I killed them. Then, as for the second person, I turned and they started shooting at me with a H.U.G.E. 249, so I shot them. Combined, they had brought me down to about 6 health, and then after the round ended, I was banned for the reason stated above. I did RDM one(1) person, but again, that was an accident and I did apologize to them. as for the two I killed after, they were both T's, so me killing them felt justified. 


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