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Hai <3

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Hai Everyone. My names Tay but mostly everyone knows me by Turtle. I'm okay with either one. I've been on the GFL murder servers for months now, I just never got around to introducing myself. I'm known for my "Turtle Rage". At least, a lot know me for it. I'm on one of the servers most the time. I've spent many days worth of time on them. I won't say how much but I got friends out of it and that's what matters. I also earned my position on the Minecraft City leader boards. That is probably what i am most proud of.


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Hello Tay. I don't know you by Turtle. Oh, that explains why I don't know you, I don't play Murder. Welcome to GFL Forum and servers though. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know. I am mostly on Teamspeak Help Desk, if you need me. You can also PM me on the forums.


credits to @Clavers

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