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Teamspeak Changes & Plans

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As some of you may have heard, I have taken over the leadership position of our Teamspeak server. I have plenty of plans in the works (some of which I have already done) and I hope to improve the state of Teamspeak as it has been neglected for a long time.


Recent Changes:
I have created the Teamspeak info page with a large amount of information and links related to the server. Most of this is within the newly updated Lobby channel description on the server.

Related to the thread above, I have also updated all rules and punishments to be uniform with the GFL Discord server as the old rules were outdated and full of nonsense that did not reflect well by our community's standards.


I purged almost half of the moderation team for Teamspeak due to not needing that many to begin with. The server population is barely 20 at peak times. We are now at five moderators from nine which is a good amount to hold onto for the time being. All Teamspeak moderator applications will be disregarded until replacements are needed or the current team is not sufficient for the workload.


I created a Trello page to keep people up-to-date on what is and is not being worked on. I have written down some ideas I had in mind (discussed later in this post) and plan on continuing to utilize it to stay transparent, something lacking in GFL at the moment.

Plans for the Future:

Laid out on the Trello page above, I have some ideas for the server. I will go through each of them briefly:


Teamspeak Permissions:

Most of my time so far has been dedicated to working out a permission overhaul. Admittedly, this has not gone well at all in the past and has caused distrust in anyone touching the mess that is our server's permission system. However, I have done it in the best way possible and am willing to be 100% transparent. 



I have made a spreadsheet detailing every permission for every group and the changes that will be made. I would like as much feedback on it as I can before I follow through with applying the changes. That way, the permission system put in place will last and be as stable as possible.


New Server Icons:

I have asked @Aura to create new and modernized group icons as the old ones are not entirely uniform and look very dated. These new icons will also support all groups, including ones that do not have one currently like "No Poke".

Client Permissions:

I was tasked to remove all client permissions from people as they are not needed. If you know of anyone or are someone with custom client permissions given to you by a staff member, please contact me to make my job easier.


New Layout:

I plan on looking into a new layout for the overall server. I will need to do some scouting of other servers to get some insight on what is the best layout, but I do not believe our current set-up is ideal and can be improved upon without too much disruption.



As mentioned previously, the Teamspeak server's population is embarrassing low. There are reasons for this that I plan on resolving to my best ability. Outside of that, I need to brainstorm alongside the rest of the community to come up with ideas on how to bring in more people to the server. I can dream of a day of reaching the server cap of 128.



I have no intentions of making update posts like this very often as that is why I made a Trello page. However, I figured I would at least introduce myself as the new leader of the server and be transparent on what has happened and what will happen in the future.





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I sent this to darkling idk if he ever gave you it but I already did some scouting due to a project I was taking up anyways :L




yea ik
ohhh I never really brought this up or anything as of yet but one thing I have noticed is a member tiering system seems to get people hooked into a community.
also give vip rewards for activity not even kidding
ts3 channels etc etc

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